Trabalho procura-se…mas como? | Job wanted…but how?

Assim não, espero… | Not like this, i hope…

Andam à procura de trabalho? Para saberem o que NÃO devem fazer visitem o site NotHired.com, onde podem ver as piores tentativas de candidatos a empregos. Via MerandaWrites.

Se por acaso estão à procura de trabalho em jornalismo, então o melhor é ler este post de Kiyoshi Martinez, onde ele dá ideias preciosas para quem se quer meter no negócio. Indispensável.

Are you looking for a job?To find out what you are NOT supposed to do visit the NotHired.com website, where you can see the poorest attempts of job applicants. Via MerandaWrites.

If by chance you are looking for a journalism job, the best you can do is to read this post by Kiyoshi Martinez, where he gives a few precious ideas for who wants to get into the business. Essential.

Journalism school graduates: How to increase your chance of finding a job and decrease your chance of having to vent on AngryJournalist.com

+ Get real about your situation

Make sure it makes financial sense for you to take an offer. Don’t bother applying to places that you know won’t meet your salary requirements. Have standards and stick to your guns.

+ Know the business and the industry
You might think you know journalism. It’s writing articles for a newspaper. Or shooting photographs. Or designing pages. Or maybe even that new media stuff people keep mentioning. Wrong. Those are skills.

+ Don’t be stupid
With Google and Wikipedia you no longer have any excuse to be stupid. Ever. Have a question or curious about something? Type it into Google.

+ Think of yourself as a brand

You might think you’re too young in your career to build a brand. Wrong. You need to start developing it now. Literally, your employer is purchasing your skills over someone else. You have to sell that idea to them. This requires you to think in marketing and advertising mode.

+ Stop blaming others

Screw them. Do it yourself. Buy a domain name, camcorder, digital camera, digital recorder, etc. or whatever you need and make it happen today.



LOL @ nothired.com , MerandaWrites

Journalism school graduates: How to increase your chance of finding a job and decrease your chance of having to vent on AngryJournalist.com, Kiyoshi Martinez


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