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JEECamp: destaques | highlights



Terminou o JEECamp. Tempo agora para uma pequena revisão.

Foram muitas as ideias que saíram deste encontro, por isso vamos destacar aqui algumas. Para a semana vamos dar mais informação e algumas das conclusões a que chegaram.

Para ver a transcrição possível do que se falou em Birmingham, visitem a página da Live Coverage.

JEECamp is over. Time now for a quick overview.

There were many the ideas that came out of this meeting, so we’ll just highlight a few. Next week we’ll provide more info and some of the conclusions they got.

Read the possible transcription of what was discussed at Birmingham at the Live Coverage page.


Joanna Geary asks Rick how many visitors to his site are from the area it represents
75-80% are local people
however, there is an international presence, but local people still want local news


[Comment From Robert Andrews]
any threat from fans writing their own coverage (or merely forum chat, which can also break news)… any threat from formal fan efforts like sportingo?
I don’t see it as a threat – the two are complementary – we can work side by side. Clearly someone has to go to press conferences, etc, and then bring out the comment and quotes, for sportingo, etc to discuss.


[Comment From Graham Holliday]
Isn’t it a little dangerous for journalists to be using facebook for story sources? Wouldn’t be *too* difficult to track a source by digging into a journos friends on facebook, no? Depending on how bright the journalist is, of course
Communities- journalists need computer skills training and to get into the blogging mindset, they don’t know how to utilise the tools they have.


[Comment From Alex Gamela]
@communities – journalists have a kind of “i know it all” attitude, that must be left behind


Communities- Alex- the group agrees, they like that fact that bloggers are a ‘human face’ that occasionally make mistakes, an attitude which journalists need to adopt.



Communities- Too much of a reaction to a blog post on a contentious issue can scare journalists off, as they are used to having the barrier of the newspaper to hide behind.



Communities- Re: crowdsourcing- has an interactive traffic map where people can put any traffic problems on the map, using google maps, which has had a huge response. Using twitter to get information on ongoing stories, can send in questions to interviewees, this is working well. Should also be careful not to use it all the time though.


[Comment From Alex Gamela]
@ONM – but there are a lot of breaking news services that redirect people to tv or to more quicker news organizations. how can newspapers compete with that?


@ Alex, ONM – start with twitter, start with text version of News. getting reports regularly, more expansive text written story, journalist with digital camera – pictures, by 1, more stood up story with images and quotes. That story can then be taken as a basis for print publication next morning. On website draw more bloggers, flickr photos, video on youtube, all brought together. Blog comments, own blog etc. Then more in depth piece.

@ Alex – dont neccessarily need to break the news to benefit from it. If journalist is out there and have got twitter on phone, they can at least do something small there and then.

[Comment From Alex Gamela]
is the future of digital journalism a matter of technology or does it take also a whole new attitude towards the practice?

ONM – @Alex, no Tom doesnt think it needs any change, key principles are the same, BUT not just about reporting also networking. Its now not enough just to be a reporter. You have to be your own advertising team.
Craig – Good journalist will always be read. But need to be aware of the technology, awareness of how its being published. If you are missing out on conversation, someone else is. Old skill- being able to talk to people.

Panel Discussion- what is the future of journalism?

Changes in distribution, find new ways of distribution

Mobile, broadband technology etc just makes people use what was always there more often.

Traditional media have no strategy for utilising mobile phones

“newspapers arent dying – we’re committing suicide”

the way journalists tell stories is changing, we can get more people to tell their stories to us. people are tired of journalists being called – the voice of the people – they are merely A voice IN the field.

News Organisations simply think of ways to get UGC for free, when they really should be thinking about how to become part of a ‘sharing’ relationship.

Young people with good technical skills are being put into positions where they have journalistic skills – but not the power or the experience.

“Its the same as putting kids in a car park and then expecting them to learn how to drive”

Journalists are in a BUSINESS – unless money comes in, then it cant go out. It doesnt mean that they should allow themselves to be ‘gutted’ by big media companies – they have to be part of making that business work.

Now is the best time to be a journalist. The demand is for journalists who WANT to tell a story. all the contacts, features, etc are in place to become a great journalist. This is THE time to be a journalist. It doesnt get much better than this.

With all the news technologies coming out, there’s a danger that they wont be accepted for what they are, and journalists lose focus of what journalism is. There are no barriers to entering journalism.

Mais em breve | More of it soon

JEEcamp live coverage


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Multimedia Shooter: De regresso | Back from the dead

Boas notícias para os seguidores do Multimedia Shooter: Richard Koci Hernandez anunciou o regresso do blog, depois de este ter sido atacado por hackers. Ele até sabe quem foram os artistas, e se me pedirem a opinião, eu direi que umas palmadas não lhes fariam mal. Esta também é uma oportunidade para pensarmos até que ponto estão os nossos blogs protegidos. De qualquer forma, benvindo de volta.

Good news for all the Multimedia Shooter followers out there: Richard Koci Hernandezannounced the blog’s comeback, after being attacked by hackers.

He even knows who did it, and if you ask me, i’d say a bit of slapping around wouldn’t be that bad. This is also a chance to think on how protected our blogs are.

Anyway, welcome back.

I really didn’t know how much the site meant to people. It’s one of the reasons I’m going to buy a case of Red Bull and spend the next week rebuilding. This has been a humbling experience. All I ever wanted to do was share and help if I could. I’m glad the blog did that for some of you.


Richard Koci Hernandez,Update on Multimediashooter


via Oh, yay,Notes from a teacher


JEECamp Live Coverage


O espectáculo já está em marcha, sigam todas as incidências do JEECamp ao vivo e a cores aqui:

The show is on, follow all the developments from JEECamp live and in colour here:


JEEcamp live coverage

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