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A Revolução do Vídeo | Video Revolution

A conferência Digital News Affairs que decorreu no início de Março em Bruxelas, abordou, entre outros temas, a revolução que o video está a provocar nas redacções dos jornais. Das conclusões e exemplos, saíram ideias brilhantes. Tomem atenção ao método do Daily Telegraph.

Digital News Affairs conference that happened in the beggining of March in Brussels discussed, among other topics, the revolution that video is causing at newspapers newsrooms. Out of the conclusions and examples came out some brilliant ideas. Pay attention to the Daily Telegraph method.

Video journalism revolutionizing traditional journalism, Editors Weblog

Video journalists: Riders on the storm, EJC


“Technology is irresistible and it is deadly, if you don’t get the technology you will die. … Technology has no sympathy for you.”

Michael Rosenblum

“The problem is you have to understand it’s a different game from doing newspapers, but we don’t want to imitate the broadcasters,” “It’s a completely new grammar you’re trying to bring to the web.”

Bas Broekhuizen, editor of Volkskrant TV

Daily Telegraph Method

“For each breaking story, a “story owner” is assigned. It is this person’s job to plan, commission and monitor each story across all platforms.

Roussel said his vision of a successful website is one which has it all. He displayed an ideal schedule for how the Telegraph would successfully handle breaking news:

  • 11:15: Send out alerts via SMS/e-mail/desktop widgets
  • 11:25: Have 150 words online, begin soliciting readers’ help
  • 12:15: Update story, add images and audio
  • 13:15: Add analysis, topic page
  • 15:15: Have multiple angles, analysis, opinion (from readers), multi-media (picture galleries, video, graphics)

“In four hours you want to feel you’ve covered multiple angles of the story,” Roussel said.”


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Curso de Video no EJC | EJC Video Course


O European Journalism Centre vai promover um curso de video para jornalistas…de jornais. O curso dura 5 dias, já tem duas datas previstas, vai ser em Maastricht e custa 1,200 . Vamos ver quantos jornalistas portugueses terão a oportunidade de fazer este curso. Visto no blog do Andy Dickinson, que também escreveu o open post no site do curso.

The European Journalism Centre will promote a video course for newspaper journalists. It’s a 5 day course, it has two different appointed schedules, it will be in Maastricht and it will cost €1,200. Let’s see how many portuguese journalists will have the chance to attend. Seen at Andy Dickinson’s blog, that also wrote the open post at the course’s website.

Course dates:

  • 21-25 April
  • 16-20 June
  • September, TBA

Raymond Frenken, the founder and chief editor of EUX.TV, will lead these “Video literacy” training sessions. Prior to EUX.TV, Frenken worked for the Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Financial Times news services as well as broadcaster CNBC Europe.
A course overview:

  • Monday afternoon: Introduction to convergence, new media storytelling, video for newspapers. Introduction to terminology and tools. Introduction to workflow. Legal and copyright issues. Analysis and discussion of best-practice examples
  • Tuesday: Hands-on equipment session. Story development for the web: concrete learnings from best-practice examples and preparation of Wednesday’s production.
  • Wednesday: Shooting video, editing new and “repurposed content.”
  • Thursday: Post production. Distribution platforms and delivery systems.
  • Friday morning: Lessons learned. The big picture.

Video for newspaper journalists ,Press Release

Video for newspaper journalists2.0 ,Website

Newspaper Video: The european way. , Andy Dickinson

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