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RIP Multimedia Shooter


Isto surpreendeu-me completamente: Richard Koci Hernandez teve que fechar o seu blog depois de uma série de ataques por parte de um hacker. Foram anos dedicados à partilha de conhecimentos sobre multimédia que foram por água abaixo, afectando todos nós que o referenciámos nos nossos próprios blogs. Ao Richard só posso mostrar a minha solidariedade e agradecimento por tudo o que pude aprender com os seus textos.

I was completely surprised with this: Richard Koci Hernandez had to shutdown his blog after a series of attacks performed by a hacker. Years dedicated to the sharing of multimedia knowledge that now are gone down the drain, affecting us all that referenced him in our own blogs. To Richard i just can express my solidarity and gratitude for all that i could learn from his posts.Now we have to keep track on our own.


I write this with a very heavy heart:

I am sorry to report that this website is down for the count. The site was recently hacked several

times this weekend and severe damage was done. I do not have the time or resources at this time to

continue. I wish you all the best. I only wish this hadn’t happened.

[To the ‘hacker’ I hope it makes you happy to destroy something that people put their

heart and soul into for years, for the sole purpose of learning and creating a small community

on the web. Just to have you destroy it for no reason. You win. There is a special place in hell for you.]

To those of you who supported the site over the years, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I don’t know what more to say, except, remember, it’s all about the STORY, not the TOOLS.


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Jornais à medida | Newspapers made to measure

Preencham os espaços | Fill in the blanks

Shawn Smith aconselha os jornais locais a fragmentarem-se e a investirem em secções especializadas que vão de encontro aos interesses dos leitores.

Ao mesmo tempo, o Editors Weblog fala da possibilidade de se fazer edições impressas à medida de cada leitor. E deu como referência um caso português.

Shawn Smith advises local newspapers to break up their content and invest in specialized features that meet their readers interests.

At the same time, the Editor’s Weblog talks about the possibility to print newspapers on demand. And used as a reference a portuguese case.

My proposal: Break up newspapers into their related sections. Make the traditional paper into a strictly local front section, largely cutting down on wire copy, and then put out multiple niche publications for the different sections. New print publications can become aggregators of the best content on the wire and web. These niche publications can cover specific issues more in-depth and in interesting ways.

Break up the newspapers – go niche!, Shawn Smith

One print paper for each reader nears reality , Editor’s Weblog

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I moved | Mudei-me


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