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Keep up | Mantenham-se a par

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The third part of the Case for Innovation as defended by CoPress is available. Here’s the explanation for this video, as also Part 1 and Part 2.

A terceira parte do Case for Innovation advogado pelo CoPress está disponível. Aqui fica a explicação para este vídeo, assim como  a Parte 1 e a Parte 2.


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Links para o fim de semana | Links for the weekend

Innovation is easy

Mantra : 2, 3, 4, 10, 11

Ryan Sholin dá os seus conselhos para inovar.

Innovation is easy by Ryan Sholin.


A vida de um blogger, conceito de Paul Bradshaw e desenhos de Alex Hughes.

A blogger’s life, concept by Paul Bradshaw and drawings by Alex Hughes.

Here’s some cool stuff to check out regarding video training.

Mindy McAdams attended a cool-sounding video training session at ONA. She’s sharing some tips that she learned.

  • Set up a pace that suits the story. Return to an idea again and again, instead of just putting “bookends” of narration on the front and back of a piece.
  • Use straight cuts, no transitions. Exceptions: fade in your lower-thirds, and your end credits.
  • Use a voiceover narration when it’s needed.
  • Keep it simple. “I believe that less is more,” he said.

Link para links sobre video do NewsVideographer.

Link for video links at NewsVideographer.

US: Newspapers “dropping ombudsmen left and right”

A recent special report by Editor & Publisher discussed the declining numbers of ombudsmen working for newspapers. In an effort to cut costs, many newspapers in the United States have been laying off ombudsmen.

Newspaper ombudsmen are public editors and reader representatives; they deal with readers’ concerns and feedback.

Os provedores dos leitores estão a ser despedidos. Não há leitores que os defendam?

The ombudsmen are being sacked. Won’t readers be concerned about them ?

Above all, a blogger must have a thick skin. It’s tough out there, but also fun. Among the hooligans there are clever, decent people who simply want to tell you things you didn’t know.

Michael White diz no Guardian como escrever blogs. Via Martin Stabe.

Michael White tells in the Guardian how to write blogs. Via Martin Stabe.

Anúncios de emprego no Twitter.

Job ads on Twitter.

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Vencedores | Winners : Knight News Challenge

Ora aí estão os vencedores do Knight News Challenge de 2008. São 16 e vão dividir 5,5 milhões de dólares para desenvolverem os seus projectos digitais inovadores para a comunicação. Entre eles algumas caras familiares: Ryan Sholin, que ganhou com o o ReportingOn, e (Digi)Dave Cohn, que apresentou um projecto que considero particularmente interessante.

A lista dos vencedores pode ser vista aqui.

Now here are the Knight News Challenge 2008’s winners. There’s 16 of them and they’re splitting 5,5 million dollars to develop their digital communicação innovative projects. Among them, some familiar faces: Ryan Sholin, that won with his ReportingOn, and (Digi)Dave Cohn, that presented a project i find quite interesting.

The winners list can be seen here.

So what’s next? Spot Us will be a nonprofit to test a new business model – community funded journalism.

What I’m going to build will be a marketplace for journalism. News organizations (old or new media) can use the space to support their most enterprise projects. Community and civic organizations can come together, take a stand and let the media know what is being under-reported. Independent journalists can get paid to do what they do best – report on local stories, all while building up their portfolio.

My Next Assignment, Hopefully A Lifelong Contribution to Journalism ,David Cohn

Knight News Challenge 2008 Winners Press Release

2008 Winners

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