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Internet Manifesto | Manifesto Internet


Hey Media, what’s that sound? Every knows what’s going down…but you.

This is the feeling i get reading this Internet Manifesto, created by 15 journalists and bloggers as a reaction to the Hamburg Declaration, in which major publishers “advocate strongly urgent improvements in the protection of intellectual property on the Internet”, and “disagree with those who maintain that freedom of information is only established when everything is available at no cost”. Yes, if you want it to be free you can’t have it for free. And public domain facts go under a copyright license (i just delight on wondering the variety of consequences this might bring about). Besides, they would never take profit from free content, created by others, and never without compensating them (or giving them credit).

Though this might seem a specific discussion it is an important one, and this Manifesto comes not only as an answer to a different view on the Internet, but also as a guide to understand the basic principles of it, that media moguls have been failing to grasp for so long. And like playground bullies, they’re trying to change the rules of the game, just because they’re losing.

Mr.Media Mogul, read below the first point of the Manifesto and then go here to read  the rest. And the rest of you, what do you make of it?

(Referrals stolen mercilessly from the great Remixtures blog)

Ei Media, o que se passa? Toda a gente sabe…menos vocês.

Esta é a sensação que tenho ao ler este Manifesto Internet (trazido para o Português pelo Pedro Teichgräber e Paulo Querido) criado por 15 jornalistas e bloggers como reacção à Declaração de Hamburgo, na qual os grades editores defendem “vigorosamente melhorias urgentes na protecção da propriedade intelectual na Internet”, e discordam “com aqueles que defendem que a liberdade de informaçãosó é conseguida quando tudo está disponível gratuitamente”. Sim,se querem que seja livre não pode ser grátis. E factos de domínio público ficam debaixo de direitos de autor (delicio-me a imaginar a variedade de consequências que isto podia trazer). Além disso, eles nunca lucraram com conteúdo livre criado por outros e sem lhes pagar (ou lhes dar o devido crédito).

Apesar desta discussão parecer um pouco específica, é muito importante, e este Manifesto vem não só como resposta a uma perspectiva diferente sobre a Internet, mas também coo um guia para compreender os seus princípios básicos, que os barões dos média não têm conseguido compreender. E como rufias de recreio, querem mudar as regras do jogo  apenas porque estão a perder.

Sr.Barão dos Media, leia o primeiro ponto abaixo deste Manifesto e veja o resto aqui. E vocês, o que pensam disto?

(Referências roubadas sem dó ao grande blog Remixtures)

Internet Manifesto (ler versão portuguesa)

1. The Internet is different.

It produces different public spheres, different terms of trade and different cultural skills. The media must adapt their work methods to today’s technological reality instead of ignoring or challenging it.  It is their duty to develop the best possible form of journalism based on the available technology. This includes new journalistic products and methods.

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Jornalistas e direitos de autor | Journalists and copyright

Whose Journalism Is It?
Journalists work hard to report the news and tell the stories of our time. They contribute creativity, energy, passion, critical thinking, doing their best to reflect their community’s diversity and behave in an ethical fashion. I’ve heard people making comments reeking of disdain of our profession, “It’s not brain surgery.” And I want to say, “Yeah, it’s harder.”
These critics should try covering an eight-hour council meeting or staying on top of a fluid election and producing a story that is accurate, fair, balanced, solidly reported and written with compelling clarity. News writing, as veteran author David Von Drehle once put it, “especially on deadline, is so hectic and complicated — the fact-gathering, the phrase-finding, the inconvenience, the pressure.” Given those realities, it’s no surprise the process is called “The Daily Miracle.” It’s understandable, given all this hard work, that a sense of ownership takes over.
Chip on Your Shoulder

A quem pertencem os conteúdos criados pelos jornalistas? A eles ou às empresas que os dstribuem? Chip Scanlan aborda esta questão num artigo muito interessante.

To whom belong the contents created by journalists? To them or to the compnies that distribute them? Chip Scanlan tackles this issue in a very interesting article.

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Creative Commons Processado | Creative Commons Sued

A licença Creative Commons tem dado que falar nos últimos tempos por permitir certo tipo de abusos que estavam à espera de acontecer. Neste caso, a Virgin tirou partido de uma foto alojada no Flickr para uma campanha publicitária sem pedir autorização nem ao autor nem à rapariga da fotografia. E deu tudo numa bela confusão. Leiam tudo aqui.


Creative Commons license has been a recurring subject nowadays , for allowing some sort of abuse that were waiting to happen. In this case, Virgin took a picture from Flickr for an advertising campaign, without the author’s or the girl’s permission. And what a fine mess it became. Read all about it here.

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