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Attack of the Twoons

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Last Friday Twitter timelines were invaded by cartoon and comic characters. It wasn’t an ACME spam action, but the second edition of Twitter Cartoon Day, this year tagged as #twoonday.

Once again the organization of this event relied on me and Paul Bradshaw, and it even had a bigger impact than last year. The huge growth in Twitter users since then had a lot to do with it (12 months ago i had 150 followers, now they’re  more than 1600) and it seems they’re always up for some fun. Besides, we announced it in our blogs, at TwitterPortugal, and also on TwitterBrasil (thanks Gabi), which allowed to create some momentum to launch the event.

We put up a map where users could place their location and avatars (it quickly became chaotic because it was a open collaboration), where we had over 150 placements and around 5000 hits in just one day, which makes a small sample of the real number of people who joined this event worldwide. Portugal, UK and Brazil were the most represented.

A Europa invadida

Invading Europe

This kind of participation is every Twitter marketeer’s wet dream come true, since it involves a significant number of people, has viral power and it affects their online experience. Early in the morning a website announced that whoever used the  “Twoonday” code would get a discount in the purchase of one of their products. This was an excellent idea, and a good reaction to a “spontaneous” event like this, and i was surprised it didn’t happen more through out the day. A portuguese Digital Marketing specialist suggested that if he was Disney or WB – who provided most of the toons –  he would roll out apps and tools for those who wanted to participate. It is a good idea, especially if we take in account that is a massive copyright infringement, with all of those copy/pasted images used in personal behalf.

In the middle of the day we had the unexpected collaboration of the misterious LV, that registered the domain,and that somewhat became the semi-official website of the event. He did some polls and a word cloud, two things Paul and i expected to do, but we didn’t had the time. Despite my inicial doubts, it became very useful to gather some important data to analyze that day. So, LV, merci beaucoup.

Twitter Cartoon Day is – like i said last time -a moment of pure fun. But it is also an important online social experiment, and a moment of community bonding, costumization of the individual presence of each user: one can express himself with his choice, his recognition and perception on the part of the other users are influenced by the chosen alter egos (the choice of the avatar is important in the definition of the online user), and an experience was shared, which reinforces the notion of group, and that becomes part of it’s history. And that is what defines a community.

There were some ideas for Twoonday spin offs, but i feel Twitter has already too many theme days. I thought about having theme Fridays every week last year, but people advised me it was a bad idea. We hardly knew what was expecting us … However, anyone can organize their own party, and, who knows, it might turn into a Twitter tradition.

Above all, it was a different day, our very own online Carnival. I hope you all enjoyed it. I know i did.

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Twitter Cartoon Day next Friday

Those who were already around last year must remember this. TwitterCartoonDay was one of the first and fastest memes in Twitter’s history, and also one of the funniest ones. And it’s happening again this Friday. For those who never heard of it, here’s the abridged version.

It all began one day when Paul Bradshaw used a  Dick Dastardly avatar and i suggested organizing a day using only avatars and backgrounds with our favorite cartoon and comic book characters. Back then, my modest network of a little bit over than 100 followers joined the party, especially across the Atlantic, among my brazillian followers, but Paul managed to mobilize lots of people in the UK and in the United States, creating one of the most interesting viral phenomena in a virtual community until then. Remember, a year ago there weren’t this much Twitter users, and most of them were communication and other more “serious”  professionals, that for one day, started discussing their cartoon preferences and their childhood memories, when they used to read comics under the blankets at night with a flashlight, or woke up real early every Saturday morning to sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite cartoon shows.


This Friday we’re bringing it back, this time in a tad different environment. We all know that Twitter had an exponential growth in these last few months, and it is not as an innocent space as it was. But it is still a good place for sharing, and especially, for having fun. There are some details that need to be worked out, but Paul and i already decided a few things: this year’s tag will be #twoonday (last time it was a long #twittercartoonday) and i’ll be putting a map up so you can share your avatars. There is also a Flickr group from last year where you can see some of the participations from that day, and that can be used again this year. There will be other news about this throughout this week , so look out for them.

And if you didn’t  get what the Twitter Cartoon Day is for, i’ll explain: it’s for you to have fun.


Referência no Folha de S.Paulo | Reference in Folha de S.Paulo

O suplemento de informática do Folha de S.Paulo, um dos maiores (se não o maior) jornal do Brasil, dedicou o último número ao Twitter. Lá no meio aparece isto:

Na última sexta, o Twitter se transformou em um desenho quase animado, por conta do Twitter Cartoon Day. A idéia de @alexgamela (é assim que se identifica os perfis) era fazer com que os usuários trocassem a foto de seu avatar por uma de seu desenho animado favorito.
Em questão de horas, vários usuários já tinham aderido. Para que o assunto ficasse agrupado, foi criada uma tag ou etiqueta (#twittercartoonday).

A referência é fantástica, mas tenho que dividir o crédito com o Paul Bradshaw, que pôs o #twittercartoonday em movimento. Esta sexta feira não vai haver festa no Twitter, mas podem ver como foi esta aqui.

Obrigado pela dica @alesscar

artigo no Folha (versão completa só para assinantes)

140 letras ou menos


The computer section of Folha de S.Paulo, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) newspaper in Brazil, dedicated it’s latest issue to Twitter. Inside there was this:

Last Friday, Twitter almost turned into a cartoon, because of Twitter Cartoon Day. The idea by @alexgamela (that’s how you identify the profiles) was to make user to change their avatar picture for another of their favotite cartoon.
In a matter of hours, several user had already joined. So that the subject was grouped, a tag was created (#twittercartoonday).

It’s a great reference, but i have to share the credit with Paul Bradshaw, that started the #twittercartoonday in motion. This Friday there is not going to be another Twitter party, but you can see how this went here.

thanks for the tip @alesscar

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Twitter Cartoon Day Experience

Foi assim a primeira sexta feira temática do Twitter… | Twitter had it’s first theme friday, and this is how it went…

video by Alexandre Gamela

link video @ YouTube-

Flickr slideshow

Parece uma brincadeira e é mesmo. Mas ao mesmo tempo é uma experiência séria. Num só dia centenas de utilizadores do Twitter aderiram a um movimento para alterar o seu avatar que normalmente usam no se perfil para uma imagem do seu personagem de BD ou desenho animado favorito, sob a justificação de um dia temático.

A ideia apareceu a meio da semana, e o Paul Bradshaw agarrou-a e promoveu-a a partir do OJB. Naturalmente alguns dos meus contactos do Twitter começaram a alinhar na coisa, mas o Paul conseguiu converter alguns dos seus contactos que por sua vez foram convencendo outros… até ao fim da manhã parte dos britânicos ligados à área do jornalismo estavam a discutir cartoons.

O outro lado do Atlântico começava a acordar a essa hora e no Brasil a ideia pegou rápido e espalhou-se rapidamente. Se seguirmos o TweetScan, podemos ver que a maioria dos participantes do #twittercartoonday são brasileiros, e que o grau de diversão era elevado.

It looks like fun and it really is. But at the same time it is a serious experiment. In one day only hundreds of Twitter users joined a movement to change their avatar that they usually use for their profile to a picture of their favorite cartoon character, under the guise of a thematic day.

The idea came up by the middle of the week, and Paul Bradshaw took it and promoted it through OJB. Naturally some of my Twitter contacts began to play along, but Paul managed to convert some of his contacts that in their turn convinced others… by the end of the morning part of the british related to the journalism field were discussing over cartoons.

The other side of the Atlantic was starting to wake up by then, and in Brazil the idea was picked up quickly and it spread like wildfire. If we follow TweetScan we can see that the vast majority of the participants of the #twittercartoonday are from Brazil, and that there was a high degree of fun involved.

Tweetscan #twittercartoonday

Mas qual é o interesse disto tudo? O poder do Twitter como ferramenta de mobilização. Criou-se uma mensagem que pedia uma acção, e centenas de pessoas participaram. Mais rápido do que através de blog ou de um email, mais abrangente do que um sms. A ramificação deste evento pode ser acompanhada em tempo real por todos que participaram nela, e acredito que tenha promovido a criação de novos contactos entre utilizadores, e gerado mais visitas aos seus blogs. Tudo graças a uma brincadeira.

As possibilidades de comunicação do Twitter são tremendas como foi demonstrado, especialmente quando se juntam dois factores: a sensação de pertença do utilizador, e a sua participação activa – características fundamentais para as comunidades online do futuro. Mas sobre isto outros também falarão, para já estou mais preocupado em saber qual será o tema para a próxima sexta.

But what’s the purpose of all this? The power of Twitter as a mobilization tool. A message was created in which people were prompted to act, and hundreds participated. Faster than through a blog or an email, with more reach than text messaging. The ramifications of this event could be followed in real time by all of those that participated, and i believe that it promoted the creation of new contacts between users, and generated more visits to their blogs. All thanks to a joke.

The capabilities for communication of Twitter are huge like it was demonstrated, specially when you include two factors: the feeling of belonging, and the active participation of the user – these are fundamental characteristics for the online communities of the future. But others will dissert about this, for now i’m more worried about what will be next Friday’s theme.

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