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Deloitte’s 09 Media Predictions | Previsões para 2009 da Deloitte

A tough year for media | Um ano duro para os media

A tough year for media | Um ano duro para os media

The latest report on media by Deloitte is available. No far out predictions yet, but i’m  just starting to read it.

Já está disponível o último relatório sobre média da Deloitte. Nada de previsões fantásticas, mas ainda agora comecei a lê-lo

Putting print out of peril may require stopping the presses

The newspaper and consumer magazine industry is set for continued challenges in 2009, with developed country markets likely to be most affected.

The developing world market should grow along with increasing literacy, improving distribution  infrastructure and rising incomes, but the spread of the economic downturn itno developing economies in 2009 could slow or reverse print’s growth even in these markets.

The challenged state of the print industry in developd world markets does not signal the demise of the sector. Rather, 2009 is likely to mark the emergency of a range of new business models, including shared backroom infrastructure and online-only delivery.


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A desacelaração da blogosfera | The slowing down of the blogosphere


Blogging Appears to Be Slowing Down

This year’s report finds that there are on average 900,000 blog posts created every 24 hours. In last year’s report that number was 1.5 million and in 2006 it was 1.3 million. 2005’s report from Technorati didn’t include this number and 2004’s report put it at 400,000 posts per day.

2004: 400,000 blog posts per day.
2005: ?
2006: 1.3 million blog posts per day
2007: 1.5 million blog posts per day
2008: 900,000 blog posts per day

Technorati says it has culled a large number of spam blogs out of its index this year, but it’s focused extensively on spam blogs every year. The evidence seems fairly clear – blogging is slowing down.

State of the Blogosphere 2008: Technorati Numbers Indicate Blogging Is Niche and Slowing

Saiu o relatório sobre o estado da blogosfera para 2008, da responsabilidade do Technorati. Há conclusões interessantes mas há coisas que, apesar de não ter dados concretos, não me parece que sejam bem assim.

Uma das conclusões é que o número de blogs não está a crescer como em anos anteriores, aliás nota-se uma diferença dramática. Acho que a questão que se devia colocar é se estão a contar com os lifestreams das redes sociais, que  é para onde eu acredito que tenham fugido os novos bloggers que faltam para este ano.

Além disso, a ideia entre os novos bloggers é que não é uma actividade muito compensadora, por não conseguirem ter muitos seguidores (leitores de blogs mais antigos já têm a  sua lista feita e não fogem muito a ela), e para  manifestar a nossa individualidade as capacidades do social networking chegam e sobram.Mas é claro que posso estar enganado.

The 5th annual State of the Blogosphere report by Technorati is out. There are a number of interesting conclusions , but there are some things, that even without having concrete data , don’t seem to correspond with reality.

One of those conclusions is that the number of new blogs is decreasing compared to previous years, in fact there is a dramatic diference. I think that the question we should ask is if they are counting with the social networks lifestreams, which is where i believe all the new potential bloggers that lack this year have gone to.

Besides, there is a deep seated idea among new bloggers that blogging is not a rewarding activity, because it’s hard to have a significant number of followers (and older blog readers stick to their list of must-read blogs, and seldom include new ones), and to manifest our individuality the social networking features are more than enough.But hey,  i migh be totally wrong.

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Estudo sobre Redes Sociais | Social Network Research Report

Quem, como e porquê se usam (ou não) os sites sociais, são as questões que o relatório da Ofcom procura responder, numa tentativa de se compreender as atitudes e comportamentos dos utilizadores (ou não) perante as redes sociais na Internet.

Who, how and why are social websites used (or not), these are the questions that the Ofcom report tries to answer, in an attempt to understand the attitudes and behaviors of users (or not) towards internet social networks.

The rapid growth of social networking that has been observed over the last two to three years is indicative of its entry into mainstream culture and its integration into the daily lives of many people. In parallel with this, there has also been considerable media coverage of the growth of social networking, its potential positive outcomes and concerns about the way that some people are engaging with it.

Social Networking [pdf]
Full print version

Via Ponto Media

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