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WHO & WHY: Media Award for Young Journalists | Concurso para Jovens Jornalistas

WHY Media Award

Feature stories from WHY journalists will be entered into a competition focusing on national perspectives on key environment and health challenges and progress to date. Selected entries will be included in a publication on the 20-year history of the Environment and Health Process in Europe to be launched at the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in 2010. Winning journalists will be invited to Italy in 2010 to receive their awards.

Guidelines for submission

  1. Language: English and/or Russian (Russian stories need to be accompanied by an abstract in English)
  2. Length: about 2,500 words (4 photographs and 2 other graphics are an asset)
  3. Target audience: policy-makers, scientists, lay public
  4. Multimedia: videos need to be accompanied by the written script (if in Russian, with an English abstract)
  5. All images and videos of people need consent for unrestricted use by WHO/Europe.
  6. Timeframe:
    • 17 July 2009: deadline for submission of the stories (to be sent to
    • Fall 2009: announcement of winners
    • Fifth Ministerial Conference, Parma, Italy, 2010: Media Award
  7. Winning submissions will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by WHO/Europe and partners

Read more here

Concurso Jovens Jornalistas

A Organização Mundial de Saúde (OMS) está a promover um Concurso para Jovens Jornalistas para efeitos da 5ª Conferência Ministerial Ambiente e Saúde, que se realizará em Parma em 2010 sob o tema “Protecting Children’s Health in a Changing Environment”.
O concurso consiste na elaboração de um texto e/ou suporte multimédia sobre a temática Ambiente e Saúde.

Como participar?

Para participar no concurso é necessário:

Integrar a rede de jovens jornalistas designada “World Health Youth (WHY) Environment and Health Communication Network” à qual pode aceder qualquer jornalista que pertença a um país da região europeia da OMS desde que:

  • Tenha idade compreendida entre 18 e 30 anos;
  • Demonstre interesse jornalístico na temática Ambiente e Saúde;
  • Envie um artigo, uma carta de demonstração de interesse e uma carta de recomendação;
  • Domine a língua inglesa;
  • Reúna/angarie apoio de editor para publicação dos artigos desenvolvidos;

Leiam  o PDF aqui

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