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Responsibility | Responsabilidade


Paulo Querido, in ExpressoOnline

Alexandre Gamela is a journalist with an impressive curriculum with a wide knowledge about online journalism and social networks like-i dare to say it- very few others have in Portugal. His absorption capacity seems to be endless.

I follow Alexandre the most i can: I subscribe his blog O Lago | The Lake, that has the peculiarity of being bilingual (Alexandre has an unusual working ability) and accompany him in social networks. The day I start a newspaper, i’ll hire him. Until then, I read him and absorb, while no Newsroom grabs him – which is one of those wastes of talent only possible in an industry adrift.

Paulo Querido, ExpressoOnline

December has been overwhelming. I took a few days off to think some things through. I’ve been highly praised by people i respect and my blog was chosen to rank among other high quality bloggers at This is a reward for all the hard work i’ve been developing especially in this last year.

But this reward also carries the weight of responsibility. I have to do more and better. We – the new media pros and visionaries –  all do. Next year will be a hard year, but as we can learn from History, it is in hardship that people overcome their obstacles. And we shall overcome.

To all of those who have been following and linking back to The Lake, to all of those brilliant,generous minds with whom i learned so much, my deepest thank you. Without you i’d be nothing.

Happy 2009 to everyone.

Dezembro foi um mês avassalador.Tirei uns dias de descanso para pensar em algumas coisas. Fui altamente elogiado por pessoas que respeito e o meu blog foi escolhido para figurar entre outros de grande qualidade no É a recompensa por todo o trabalho árduo que desenvolvi este ano.

Mas esta recompensa traz também o peso da responsabilidade. Tenho que fazer mais e melhor. Nós- os profissionais e os visionários dos novos média- todos temos.O próximo ano vai ser difícil,mas como a História ensina,é na dificuldade que as pessoas se transcendem.E nós vamos fazê-lo.

Para todos aqueles que têm seguido e linkado para O Lago, para todas as mentes brilhantes e generosas com quem tenho aprendido tanto, os meus profundos agradecimentos.Sem vocês eu não sou nada.

Feliz 2009 para todos.

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