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Jogos noticiosos | News games

Tem-se pensado muito como aumentar a interactividade e o interesse dos leitores de notícias online, que de tanto pensar passou-se por cima do óbvio. Como é que nós todos nos interessámos por computadores? Através dos jogos (principalmente…). Por isso é de estranhar que só agora se pense mais a sério na utilização de jogos para formar e informar. Aqui ficam alguns exemplos:

There has been a lot of thinking about how to increase the interactivity and the interest of online news readers, so much we may have past through the obvious. How did we all got into computers? through games (mostly..). So it’s strange that only now people are seriously thinking about using games to inform and teach. Here are some examples:

There are the usual suspects when it comes to multimedia news pieces: slideshows of the wonders of nature, interactive diagrams of new buildings, video interviews with the downtrodden… all of which likely teach the viewer something new. But sometimes the news needs a little dose of fun factor.

Considering many people under 30 aren’t picking up newspapers or listen to non-music radio programming, making a fun online game is a great way to hook them in. As long as the games remain diverting without being overbearing, they will continue to succeed.

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News games are fun (and informative!), 10.000words

Breakthrough, an organization that does human rights work in both the United States and India, has released a game, ICED (I Can End Deportation) to help players learn the ins and outs of immigration policy and rights. The game, which targets youth, is intended to teach players how unfair U.S. immigration policy is.

The game is available as a free download, and includes educational materials for teachers who might want to use the game in the classroom. It’s an interesting intersection of web activism and educational gaming, to say the least.

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Be Original


Scott Karp pegou no exemplo da notícia da aquisição do Yahoo pela Microsoft para demonstrar a quantidade exagerada de conteúdos redundantes na net. Pelo meio deixa alguns conselhos muito interessantes e que revolucionam o papel dos meios de informação: deverão forçar o seu próprio conteúdo mesmo que não seja mais completo que o já existente, ou deverão referenciar o conteúdo externo se for de melhor qualidade?

A ideia que ele deixa é muito simples: sejam originais.

Scott Karp took as an example the news about the bid over Yahoo by Microsoft to demonstrate the exagerated amount of redundant content on the web. In between he leaves a few quite interesting advices, and that revolutionize the role of media outlets: should they impose their own content even if it’s not better than the already existing one, or should they reference outside content of higher quality?

The idea he leaves is very simple: be original.

Here’s another way to look at it. Imagine a Midwest city where a factory that is a major employer announces that it is shutting down. Now imagine that instead of one local newspaper and one local TV station covering this story instead there are 100 newspapers and 50 TV stations. Reporters from each of these outlets file their coverage of the story. Newsstands in the local Walmart display all 100 newspapers, each with the factory closing story on the cover. Anyone who turns on their TV station can flip channels at 6pm and find the same story being reported, over and over again.

Yes, that’s a silly example, but is it really all that different from what’s happening on the web?
Can you imagine a content economy five or ten years from now that supports 2,000 versions of the same story? Is it any surprise that the company that creates far and away the most economic value on the web produces NO ORIGINAL CONTENT? (Yes, that would be Google.)

Here’s the other takeaway: Don’t add to the noise, help reduce it.

An engineer who works on Google News said during a presentation at the NewsTools conference that Google is studing whether the amount of news on the web is actually decreasing.

So while there’s more content on the web, there may be less news.

Ler | Read The Declining Value Of Redundant News Content On The Web

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Google & NYT : News@Lat , Long

O Google e o New York Times juntaram-se para pôr as notícias no mapa. É preciso ter a última versão do Google Earth e quando clicarmos nos marcos do NYT teremos todas as notícias associadas a esse local. Será o Google Earth o jornal online do futuro?

Google and New York Times teamed up to put the news on the map. All you need is the latest version of Google Earth and when you click a NYT placemark you’ll access all the news regarding that location. Is Google Earth the online news reader of the future?

Google Earth, New York Times Team Up, MediaShift

All the news that’s fit to print on a map: The New York Times in Google Earth, Google

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