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Manuals, guides and resources for journalists | Manuais, guias e recursos para jornalistas

Read before use | Ler antes de usar

Read before use | Ler antes de usar

I was organizing some folders in my desktop when i realized i had a bundle of unread pdfs, that covered issues from Krav Maga to Slide Guitar lessons. And Journalism, of course. Some of these manuals and resources were already referred here at The Lake. They are great for students and seasoned professionals, from writers to multimedia enthusiasts, and are a valuable asset for those who are converting to new media.

This is not a final list, so if you have any other links i’d appreciate if you’d share them with the rest of us.

Special thanks to Daniel Doyle for helping me out with this one.

Estava eu a organizar algumas pastas aqui no meu computador quando me apercebi que tinha um monte de pdfs por ler, sobre temas desde Krav Maga a lições de Slide Guitar. E Jornalismo, claro. Alguns destes manuais e recursos já foram falados aqui no Lago. São excelentes para estudantes ou veteranos, desde escritores a entusiastas do multimédia, e uma mais valia importante para aqueles que se estão a converter aos novos média.

Esta lista não está terminada, por isso se tiverem mais links agradecia que os partilhassem connosco.

Um agradecimento especial ao Daniel Doyle por me ter ajudado com isto.

Books | Livros

Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive
A digital literacy guide for the information age

Download the book for free in your preferred language:

Go to story about the launch of this book.

Handbook of Independent Journalism

July 2006

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyberdissidents, RSF


Photojournalism, Technology and Ethics: What’s Right and Wrong Today?

The News Manual

Link to Vol 1Link to Vol 2Link to Vol 3

We the Media

We the Media

Online Courses | Cursos Online

These online modules and guides are free for you to use. They were originally designed for BBC staff and in publishing them here we have not made many editorial changes to them.

This is because they are primarily aimed at anyone who is working for, with or alongside the BBC, so the modules still contain some specific references to BBC procedures, methods and services.

NewsU ( offers newsroom training to journalists and journalism students through its interactive e-learning program and links to other journalism education and training opportunities. The program is a partnership between the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and The Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

The Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism at Arizona State University

Guides | Guias

  • Mindy MacAdams

> Online Media Types

> Interactivity

> Writing for the Web

> No-Fear Guide to Multimedia

> Journalists’ Toolkit

Getting started with an online news or information website? These guides will help you learn what you need to know about reporting, writing and making money on the Internet.

The ItrainOnline MMTK is a growing collection of “workshop kits” for face-to-face training. The materials use a standard set of templates, and offer building blocks for trainers to build their own courses. But don’t think you need to be a trainer to use the ItrainOnline MMTK! The handouts are valuable information resources for anyone who wants to teach themselves about any of the wide range of topics covered.

Em Português

  • Como tratar  casos de suicídio

O que Não fazer

• Não publicar fotografias ou notas de suicídio.
• Não noticiar detalhes específicos do método usado.

Este guia encontra-se disponível em português, com tradução autorizada pela OMS. Faça o download do documento completo aqui.

I know there are more resources,especially about video that could make this list. Send them over so i can make it better. We all can.  Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thank you.

Eu sei que há mais recursos, especialmente sobre video que podiam fazer parte desta lista. Enviem-nos para que eu possa fazer melhor. Possamos todos. Deixem as vossas sugestões nos comentários. Obrigado.

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