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Dave Cohn: Entrevista em Crowdsourcing- as perguntas | Crowdsourced interview – the questions

1- has become a success even before it’s official start. What is the current situation?

2- I’ve been following the evolution of, with all it’s episodes. Has it become a more complex task than you expected?

3- provides a chance to report on subjects that are overlooked by the newsrooms. Is the picture of the world brought by traditional media too narrow?

4- How do you define yourself : as a journalist, an editor, an entrepreneur or something else? You are multitasking these days…

5- How has your perspective on journalism – as a business and as a service (or as a process, like you say) – changed since the beggining of

6- Do you feel people are eager for long feature stories, investigative journalism, instead of the fluff we see every day in the news?

7- Nuno Loureiro – “In which way do you think that projects like can contribute to change the communication paradigm in the near future, regarding technological democracy and having in account the ultimate objective of total independence towards corporate media?”

8- Vera – “I’d like to ask Dave how open he is to the possibility of expanding to other regions (and other countries) and how hard he thinks that would be.”

9 – Carlos Alonso – “I’m interested in agenda issues. Are you going to track whether a story has been covered before or not in media and the differences between media and coverage?

What I want to know is if this new model that gives the people the editorial power of choosing what they want/is going to be covered results in a agenda different of what the media are proposing, if there is a gap between what the newspapers are giving and what the people want to know, and if fills this gap.”

10- Paulo Querido – Asks if journalists in a project like this could be hired in a  full-time basis? To which I add: who can pitch and work for/with

11- Laura Oliver – How aware are the offline community about Spot.Us’ activity and do you have any plans for how to market the project further?

12- One of the fundamentals in your work is the concept of democracy applied to journalism, of the crowd taking control. Wasn’t journalism democratic nor did it work for common good before?

13- How do you feel about all the reactions has been getting? There was the NYTimes article, and some raised suspicion about the risks associated with the crowdfunding, do you think they were exaggerated?

14- What is dead wrong with the journalism business today?

15- What kind of advice would you give to young journalists and entrepreneurs?

Aqui estão as perguntas que vou colocar ao Dave Cohn, se bem que ainda tenho uma dúvida ou duas. Tenho como objectivo saber algumas coisas com isto:

-como se tem desenrolado o processo do;

-o que mudou na perspectiva do Dave Cohn ao longo desta experiência;

-qual é a sua visão sobre o jornalismo hoje em dia;

Acima de tudo quis evitar algumas questões já feitas noutras entrevistas, e dar uma visão geral do projecto, de como se enquadra na realidade, e sobre as ideias que levaram o Dave a realizá-lo.

Mas se tiverem alguma ideia, correcção ou sugestão a fazer, digam, as perguntas só seguem na sexta-feira. Usem a caixa de comentários. Obrigado.

So, here they are, the questions for Dave Cohn, even if i still have some doubts in an item or two. Here’s my purpose with these questions:

-how has the process of building evolved;

-what has changed in Dave Cohn’s perspective through out this experience;

-what is his view on journalism nowadays;

Above all i tried to avoid some questions already made in previous interviews, and provide an overall vision on the project, how it fits in reality, and Dave’s ideas that led him to do it.

But if you have any idea, improvement or suggestion, please say so, the questions will only follow on Friday. Use the comment box.Thank you.

Isto é sobre o quê? | What is this all about?

Entrevista em | Crowdsourcing | an interview – Spot Dave Cohn

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Entrevista|Dave Cohn|Interview: um ligeiro atraso | a slight delay

A minha entrevista em crowdsource ao Dave Cohn atrasou-se por várias razões, em grande parte por causa de um trabalho inesperado durante a semana passada. Mas não se preocupem, o Dave só está à espera das perguntas e já disse que ia responder em vídeo. Agora é comigo, amanhã espero ter o questionário alinhado, e conto com a vossa opinião para sugestões de última hora.

Entretanto, podem ver a apresentação que ele deu na USC’s School of Journalism, e em baixo, um pequeno vídeo em que ele nos dá uma visita guiada ao como está neste momento.

My crowdsourced  interview with Dave Cohn is a bit late by many reasons, being the main one an unexpected assignment during last week. But don’t worry, Dave is waiting for the questions and he already said he is going to answer them on video, which is awesome. Now is up to me, i hope to have all the questions set up by tomorrow, and i’m counting on your opinion for some last minute suggestions.

Meanwhile, you can watch the presentation he gave at USC’s School of Journalism, and below there’s a small video where he takes us on a guided tour through as it is now.

First look at Spot.Us in Action

This morning I had an early video chat with the developers of I did a video capture of the conversation, which included demonstrating the basic action of for the first time.

First look at before launch

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Entrevista em crowdsourcing | Crowdsourcing an interview – Dave Cohn

Heidi Miller of the Knight News Challenge recently interviewed past Knight News Challenge winner, David Cohn, to explore how he succeeded in getting funding for his great idea for digital communication innovation.

Real winners with really great ideas – David Cohn interview, founder of

September 11, 2008

Acabou o prazo para colocarem as vossas questões ao Dave Cohn. A todos os que participaram, obrigado. Durante a próxima semana irei partilhar  a versão final antes de falar com o Dave. Até lá fiquem com esta entrevista que o Knight News Challenge lhe fez.

The deadline for putting your questions to Dave Cohn is over. To all of you who came forward and participated, thank you. During next week i’ll share with you the final version before talking to Dave. Until then listen to this interview that he gave to the Knight News Challenge website.

What advice would you give to others with a great idea they want funded?

The advice I would give is not to hold your idea and try and treat it like a secret. Make your idea public. Start writing about it. Talk to other people about it. A lot of people that I give this advice to of just being open with your idea have a fear that someone else is going to steal it. That won’t happen. So the best thing you can do is just talk about what you’re doing.

Real winners with really great ideas – David Cohn interview

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Entrevista aberta | Dave Cohn | Open Interview


Knight News Challenge winner David Cohn of gets geeky at the MIT Media Lab. - Amy Gahran

Continua em andamento a preparação da entrevista ao Dave Cohn, criador do, um projecto que promove o jornalismo em crowdfunding.

E continuo à espera da vossa participação nesta entrevista. Já sabem o que têm que fazer e até quando. Temos uma participação mas são precisas mais. O Dave Cohn ficou muito interessado no que pode sair desta entrevista por isso, mãos à obra.

O timing é perfeito: o está prestes a sair de uma fase (pré)beta bem sucedida, e apresenta em breve o seu site definitivo.

Ficam abaixo mais uns links para a nossa investigação.

It’s in process the interview i’ll be doing to Dave Cohn, the creator of, a project that promotes crowdfunded journalism.

And i’m still waiting for your participation in this process. You already know what to do and what’s your deadline. We already have one participation, but we need more. Dave is looking forward for what may come out of this interview, so get to work.

The timing is perfect: is about to terminate it’s rather successful (pre)beta phase, and will move forward to the official webpage.

Below, a few more links for our research.


A Phenomenal Day for Spot.Us « “Community Funded Reporting” Spot.Us

David Cohn answers questions about and community funded reporting — Eat Sleep Publish

Green Options

Conversations in Media: David Cohn on Spot.Us | The Journalism Iconoclast

Innovation in College Media » Blog Archive » ICM interview: David Cohn,

Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard » Blog Archive » Premature spotlight on

Rick Burnes’ Blog: Excitement, Questions About

Poynter Online – E-Media Tidbits

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Entrevista em | Crowdsourcing | an interview – Spot Dave Cohn


Um dos projectos desta semana é preparar uma entrevista ao Dave Cohn, um dos contemplados com um prémio Knight News Challenge, com o seu

No espírito comunitário do projecto do Dave e do próprio KNC, vou abrir a oportunidade de colaborarem comigo na preparação de entrevista que lhe vou fazer. Isto não é uma forma de ter menos trabalho, é apenas uma maneira de vos dar a conhecer o trabalho dele, e se quiserem, colaborar neste trabalho.  Mas há regras e directrizes:

– em baixo vou deixar uma lista de links sobre o Dave e o Se encontrarem outros pertinentes, contribuam;

– juntamente com essa lista estão meia dúzia de perguntas que não são definitivas, por isso, deixem as questões que gostariam que o Dave respondesse. Só aceito UMA questão por pessoa, por isso, pensem bem no que querem saber;

– há um limite para o número de perguntas que lhe vou fazer, no máximo 12/15, por isso o grupo final de questões serão escolhidas por mim, por motivos de sequência lógica de entrevista. Todos os autores das perguntas escolhidas serão creditados;

– ainda não discuti com o Dave qual será o meio da entrevista, mas por motivos práticos deverá ser por email. Mas tentarei que seja noutro formato mais interessante, depende tudo da disponibilidade dele;

– para contribuirem, basta só deixarem o vosso link ou pergunta na caixa de comentários deste post com identificação e email válidos. Não há espaço para anónimos;

– o prazo para as vossas contribuições termina às 15 horas da próxima segunda terça-feira TMG;

E é tudo. Colaborem e descubram como e por quem foi feito um dos mais interessantes projectos do jornalismo moderno.

One of this week’s project is to prepare an interview with Dave Cohn, one of the contemplated with a Knight News Challenge award, with his project

In the communitarian spirit present in Dave’s project and KNC itself, i’m giving you the chance to work with me preparing this interview. This is not a way to work less, or live off of your effort, it’s just a way to get you acquainted to his work, and if you want, collaborate in this assignment. But there are rules and guidelines:

– below i’ll be leaving a list of links about Dave and If you find others that may turn out useful for this work, add them;

– along with that list there is half dozen questions that are not the definitive ones, so , ask your  own questions to Dave. I’ll only take ONE question per contributor, so think carefully about what you want to know;

– there’s a limit for the number of questions to be asked, 12/15 tops, so the final group of questions will be chosen by me, in order to keep a logic sequence for the interview. All the authors of those questions will get a byline;

– i haven’t discussed with Dave what will be the medium for this interview, but for practical reasons  probably it will be by email. But i’ll try to present it in another format, it depends on Dave’s availability;

– to contribute, all you have to do is to leave you link or question in the comment box for this post with your name and a valid email. There’s no room for anonymous;

– the deadline for your contributions is next Monday Tuesday , until 3 p.m. GMT;

And that’s it. Collaborate and find how – and by whom- one of the most interesting projects in modern journalism was (is being) made.

Novo Prazo | New deadline – Quarta-feira 20.00 TMG | Wednesday 20.00 GMT


Home |
Spot Us » home » discussion » community directed journalism
Spot Journalism | Knight News Challenge
About “Spot Us” « “Community Funded Reporting” Spot.Us
DigiDave | Communication is Key
Scott Rosenberg’s Wordyard » Blog Archive » Premature spotlight on
DigiDave | Communication is Key: Spot.Us in the New York Times – Not “Victory” by any means – but kinda cool
US: tests “community-funded journalism” – editorsweblog
Crowdsourcing: Spot Us Reporting: Crowdfunding in Journalism
Crowd Funding – A Different Way to Pay for the News You Want –

Perguntas | Questions

How was it for you when you knew you won the knight news challenge award?

I’ve been following the evolution of, with all it’s episodes. Has it become a more daunting task than you expected?

Has corporate journalism become too biased? Do you think this way you escape the kind of pressures traditional media suffers?

Is the picture of the world brought by traditional media too narrow?

How has your perspective on journalism – as a business and as a service (or as a process, like you say) – changed since the beggining of

What about the expectations from the “crowdfunders”? How do you manage reporters so they can bring a good story that lives up to them?

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Não é o jornalismo, é o modelo | It’s not journalism, it’s the model

“O que está em crise não é o jornalismo…é o modelo de jornalismo que se pratica”


“It’s not journalism that’s in crisis…it’s the practised journalism model”

O bem regressado Luis Santos do Atrium, recolheu no Infotendencias esta entrevista com José Cevera,  director da Escuela de Periodismo Digital, que descobri agora que foi criada pelo grupo a que pertence o , ou seja, a orientação é realmente web.

Entre as frases mais sonantes desta entrevista está esta: “O nome ‘jornalismo cidadão’ é abominável e deriva de um fracasso profundo da profissão jornalística”. Para ver e ouvir com atenção.

The well returned Luis Santos from Atrium, picked from Infotendencias this interview with José Cevera, director of the Escuela de Periodismo Digital (Digital Journalism School), created by the same group that owns , which means they’re really web oriented.

Among the most resonating quotes from this interview is this one: “The name  “Citizen Journalism” is abominable, and comes from a profound failure of the journalistic profession.” To see and hear carefully.

O que diz Cevera no video:

“O nome ‘jornalismo cidadão’ é abominável e deriva de um fracasso profundo da profissão jornalística”

“A indústria tem um problema – não consegue ganhar dinheiro a fazer o que fazia antes; a questão é que não pode continuar a fazer o que fazia antes (…) Os nossos produtos, aquilo a que chamávamos ‘notícia’, aquilo a que chamávamos ‘meio de comunicação’ já não valem”

“Se um produto profissional é tão parecido como o produto desenvolvido por um amador a tal ponto que se confundem o profissional tem um problema: está a fazer um produto mau”

“O que está em crise não é o jornalismo…é o modelo de jornalismo que se pratica”

Os nossos ‘produtos’ já não valem, Luis Santos

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Interview: Charlie Beckett on SuperMedia – English version

Interview: Charlie Beckett on SuperMedia @ OJB

The english version – edited (=improved) by Paul Bradshaw is available here

“This book is my manifesto for the media as a journalist but also as a citizen of the world. As a journalist you are constantly being told that the news media have enormous power to shape society and events, to change lives and history. So why are we so careless as a society about the future of journalism itself ?” [1]

Saving JournalismThis is how Charlie Beckett presents his book “SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save The World” (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008), in which he tackles the main challenges to journalistic practice in our days, and its influence to maintain free and democratic societies .

Charlie Beckett is a journalist with a 20 yearscareer at the BBC and ITN, and he is also the founding Director of POLIS, a think tank about journalism and society at the London School of Economics. “SuperMedia” is a work that gathers and structures several streams of thought about the future of Journalism as a essential service to contemporary societies, and how the changes in the news industry, beyond inevitable, are necessary.


SuperMedia: Entrevista com Charlie Beckett (Portuguese version)

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