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Video: Como fazer uma entrevista em 3 minutos | How to make an interview in 3 minutes

Vodpod videos no longer available.Como fazer | How to
Vodpod videos no longer available.Resultado | Result

Todos nós sabemos como funciona:  é preciso obter e divulgar a informação o mais rápido possível. O tempo no jornalismo é um luxo a que muitas vezes não temos direito. Mas com a polivalência exigida hoje em dia* aos jornalistas como é que se faz tudo bem e depressa?

David Dunkley Gyimah é um dos meus mestres de video favoritos, porque a sua enorme experiência leva-o a abordar o lado prático das coisas. Vejam como ele ensina a fazer uma entrevista em 3 minutos, sem grandes complicações. Ele prometeu publicar esse video, que se juntará aqui mais tarde. Os resultados podem ser vistos no segundo vídeo.

Já agora, leiam as suas ideias sobre como se pode construir uma rede eficaz de video jornalismo entre as grandes publicações nacionais e as locais.

* Hoje em dia– Sim, hoje. Aceitem isso.

We all know how it goes: we have to get the information, edit and publish it as fast as we can.  Time in journalism is a luxury that most of the times can’t simply afford. But with all the multitasking demanded to journalists nowadays* how can we do everything fast and well?

David Dunkley Gyimah is one of my favorite video masters, because his huge experience makes him to have a more pragmatic approach to things. Watch how he teaches to make an interview in just 3 minutes, without much fuss. He promised to publish that video, that will be posted here later.The second video shows the results.

By the way, take a look at his ideas on how an effective video journalism network can be built, between the big news outlets, and local ones.

*Nowadays – Yeah, today. Embrace that.

Investment matters
But there is instruction the newspapers could take to heart, history unfurling a solution worth looking at.
In May 1846 a group of American newspapers pooled their resources to maximise their range, news gathering from Europe.

Back then the Internet was the catalyst, a Victorian Internet – The Telegraph.

So what if now, online news makers pooled their video.

I understand how video made in Cumbria will be specific to that region, but here’s where the VJs rethink more laterally.

The 1st quadrant body of the video could be loose enough to refer to any community. This might give rise to an evolving format, and a new video agency could emerge.

It would foster competition amongst newspaper groups. They’ll become their own arbiters of the content and the politics of aesthetic.

To quote an old MIT maxim: demo or die.

Is the Guardian going hyper local?

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Iniciação ao Twitter | Twitter Basics

What is Twitter?

Alguns amigos aderiram agora ao Twitter, e estão sempre a perguntar-me como funciona. Por isso estava a planear escrever um post sobre isso, mas a Amy Gahran antecipou-se .

Iniciados do Twitter, está tudo aqui.

I have some friends that only now have joined Twitter, and they’re always asking me how it works. So, just when i was about to write a post on it, Amy Gahran beat me to it.

Twitter novices, it’s all here.


In my experience, Twitter’s biggest payoff is that it allows you to gather a personal posse who can support you in powerful, flexible, speedy ways.

Also, if you’re choosy about the people you follow, Twitter can be quite an effective radar screen for news or relevant issues.

But there are many other potential benefits, especially for journos…

Twitter can help you engage people on a personal level, and to demonstrate your interest in them. This is something that, IMHO, many journalists resist — but that can benefit journos and their work significantly once they loosen up about acting like human beings in a public venue.

Twitter also can help you spread the word about your efforts, driving traffic to online, broadcast, mobile, or print venues — or even live events. Here, the response can be fast!

Twitter Basics for Journalists & Recovering Journos

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Loren Feldman: Como fazer vlogs | How to make vlogs

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Loren Feldman: Como fazer vlogs | How…“, posted with vodpod

Loren Feldman, presidente da fez mais de mil videos para a net, e foi considerado “o video blogger mais controverso nos media sociais dos nossos dias”. Na sua palestra no IzeaFest ele explica como é que bloggers (e empresas) podem fazer melhores videos. Regra número um: sejam vocês mesmos.

Loren Feldman, president of did more than a thousand webvideos, and it was considered “the most controversial video blogger in social media today.”In his talk at the IzeaFest he explains how bloggers (and corporations) can make better videos. Rule number one: just be yourself.

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Twitter para jornalistas | Twitter for Journalists

Paul Bradshaw tells us on how journalists can use Twitter.

Paul Bradshaw explica no como os jornalistas podem usar o Twitter.

How to: master Twitter if you’re a journalist

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2 How to : Video edit & Podcasting

Two great “how to” posts: Tricks and Tips of Podcasting, by David Dunkley Gyimah, and How to make your video editing easier, by Colin Mulvany. Short, concise and great as any how to should be. Still i even added a post that could help out doing a better podcast by knowing what not to do.


Dois grandes posts para aprender: Tricks and Tips of Podcasting, por David Dunkley Gyimah, e How to make your video editing easier, por Colin Mulvany. Curtos, concisos e muito bons, como qualquer how to deve ser. Ainda adicionei mais dois posts para se aprender o que se deve evitar num podcast e um mini-guia em português.

Tricks and Tips of Podcasting, David Dunkley Gyimah

How to make your video editing easier, Colin Mulvany

6 Reasons I’m Not Hooked on Podcasts

Podcasts – Ferramentas De Gravação E Edição: Um Mini-Guia (tem um ano mas ainda é válido)

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Twitter para principiantes | Twitter for Beginners

Este vídeo mostra o que é o Twitter e para o que serve,pelo menos nas suas aplicações mais sociais. Para serviços Twitter em Portugal leiam este post daqui do Lago.

This video shows what is Twitter and what is it for, mainly in it’s social use. For Twitter services in Portugal read this post from the Lake.

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