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Livro | Book: “Cómo escribir para la Web”

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O Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas lançou mais um manual de ciberjornalismo. “Cómo escribir para la Web” é da autoria de Guillermo Franco e pretende ser um guia para jornalistas da América Latina, mas servirá também para todos os que compreendam espanhol.

Podem fazer o download do .pdf gratuitamente aqui.

The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas has published another cyberjournalism manual. “Cómo escribir para la Web” was written by Guillermo Franco with the purpose to be a guide for Latin America journalists, but that it might be useful for all of those who speak Spanish.

You can download the .pdf file for free here.

Franco’s new book presents practical examples about writing for online publications, as well as research from other sources. He considers it to be more than just a manual, but rather a starting point for a more comprehensive guide about writing for the Web, with contributions from journalists throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Already, several colleagues who participated in the project have begun a discussion group in Facebook about “How to write for the Web.”

“This document will serve as part of the answer to the journalist training needs in Latin America. It follows the same path and philosophy of other efforts supported by the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas,” said Rosental C. Alves, founder and director of he Knight Center.

Knight Center Publishes Spanish Book Online: ‘How to Write for the Web’

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Revistas grátis | Free Magazines

Mygazines is a place to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited magazine articles uploaded by you, the Mygazines community.

We at Mygazines take great pride in providing a platform for people and businesses to share their publications in an interactive and fun format.

Mygazines is not just for magazines – you can upload your catalogues and product brochures too! So don’t hesitate – start sharing your publications – it’s free!

image4-thumb1 Free Magazines!! All You Can Read At Mygazines.

Via StartUpMeme

Um recurso interessante para quem não se importa de ler revistas no computador

An interesting resource for those who don’t mind reading magazines on screen

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Onde encontrar… | Where to find…


Dois posts em dois sites diferentes para explorar:

o ReadWriteWeb dá uma série de links para fontes de informação na web;

-e Robin Good criou uma lista para 66 (!!!) sites onde podemos ir buscar imagens de borla para o nosso blog;

Levem uma pá e uma lanterna.

Two posts in two different blogs to explore:

– ReadWriteWeb gives us a bunch of links to some open data sources;

-and Robin Good created a list of 66 (!!!) sites where we can find free photos for our blog;

A word of advice: take a shovel and a lantern.

In Bret’s story, he mentioned some of the common data sources currently available, like the US Census Bureau’s map data and the Reuters corpus, but his commenters came up with a few more. (See? This is why blog comments matter).

In addition, as CNet and Ryan Stewart’s blog spread the story, more people chimed in with suggestions. And of course, the Hacker News guys had some more ideas themselves.

So what did everyone come up with? A lot of data sources are already freely available on the net, as it turns out, if you just know where to look. Here’s a summary, do you have anything to add?

Where to Find Open Data on the Web


Finding quality images and photos for complementing an important article, essay or news report is already a challenge for many. Imagine when the goal is not only to find good images, but also to find some that you could openly and freely use without needing to pay royalties or one-time publishing rights.

Where to Find Free Images and Visuals for My Blog – Mini-Guide, Part 1, Robin Good

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Cursos online grátis | Free online courses

De escrita. Todos em inglês | Writing Courses

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (


MIT offers dozens and dozens of free writing courses online through the MIT OpenCourseWare initiative. Course topics include everything from writing fiction, poems and essays to analyzing all forms of literature. Lecture notes, videos, suggested reading lists and more will help you become the writer you want to be. No registration is required.

2. Utah State University (

Utah State University’s Department of English publishes three free courses devoted to the art of writing through the school’s OpenCourseWare program. The courses are extensive and may take up to 16 weeks to complete if you study at the average pace. No registration is required.

3. Open University (

The UK’s largest academic institution, Open University, offers a number of different writing courses through their OpenLearn website. The free curriculum includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses that are available to everyone regardless of your country of origin. No registration is required.

4. University of Utah (

The University of Utah’s English Department offers free courses to self-learners around the world. Currently, there are only two free writing courses. Both offer strong preparation in their topic and are built for beginners. No registration is required.

5. Western Governors University (

Western Governors University has made free course materials available through an open content license. There are several free writing courses courtesy of the university’s Liberal Arts Department. All courses are split into convenient self-study modules. No registration is required.

6. Purdue University (

Purdue University brought their writing lab to life online in 1994 to offer a writing resource to students no matter where they were located. Online Writing Lab (OWL) materials are now free to everyone regardless of location or student status. The OWL site offers writing instruction, grammar and usage information, individualized help from tutors and much more. No registration is required.

7. Steven Barnes’ UCLA Writing Course (

Best selling author and screenwriter Steven Barnes offers the free version of the writing class he has been teaching at UCLA for years on his website. The course offers in-depth instruction on writing, which is why Barnes suggests completing each part of the nine-week course one week at a time. Nevertheless, it can be downloaded all at once. No registration is required.

8. News University (

News University has a solid e-learning program designed to providing training to journalists. Most of the courses offered at News U are free, especially those that are self-directed. Courses cover everything from writing and editing to reporting and ethics. News U also offers a newsletter, a blog and other great resources. Registration is required, but it is free for everyone.

9. E-Zine University (

E-Zine University offers quite a few courses written by Internet publisher Kate Schultz and visiting professors. Although the courses offered at E-Zine University are designed mainly for web writers and e-zine writers, they would be helpful to almost any scribe. Courses are very short and do not take long to complete. No registration is required.

10. Wikiversity (

Wikiversity is an active learning project that encourages people to create and benefit from online courses and tutorials. There are currently several different writing courses that can be found at Wikiversity. Although these courses vary greatly in length and content, there is something for everyone. No registration is required.

Fonte|Source: Free online writing courses


Domínio Público-Biblioteca Digital

Portal Domnio Público - Biblioteca digital desenvolvida em software livreO governo brasileiro criou, em Novembro de 2004, uma biblioteca digital. O objectivo era “disponibilizar informações e conhecimentos de forma livre e gratuita, busca incentivar o aprendizado, a inovação e a cooperação entre os geradores de conteúdo e seus usuários, ao mesmo tempo em que também pretende induzir uma ampla discussão sobre as legislações relacionadas aos direitos autorais – de modo que a “preservação de certos direitos incentive outros usos” -, e haja uma adequação aos novos paradigmas de mudança tecnológica, da produção e do uso de conhecimentos.” (Fernando Hadad, Ministro de Estado da Educação)
Entre as obras disponíveis há trabalhos muito interessantes de investigação em Comunicação (que é o que nos faz mais mexer por estes lados), de acesso livre e gratuito (isso ainda nos faz mexer mais.) Visitem e explorem. Há rumores que pode fechar por não ter utilizadores suficientes.  

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