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iamnews-logoThe news organizations are slimming down, firing and outsourcing, leaving many seasoned professionals out of steady work. At the same time, young journalism graduates see their chances of getting a job in the industry getting smaller and smaller. So freelancing is the option to consider. But where to find assignments, or people to do them? IAmNews is where both ends meet.

The concept is simple:  “For publishers it is a place to assign news tasks to an international network of reporters and photographers and view a pool of content created by those reporters. For freelance reporters it is a place to take assignments or to post their news wire.”

The description is by Nir Ofir, founder of IAmNews. “Basically we are trying to bridge the gap between what both sides want, to connect with each other, but cannot do it today due to language barriers and the lack of single central spot for both sides to get familiar with each other when needed.”

The website resembles a social network, where you can create a profile presenting your professional background, favourite coverage topics, and expertise (writer, photographer, cameraman). There is a “newsroom” area, which is where the job proposals and pitches will be presented. And if you want, you can post your story and wait for it to be bidded by a news outlet. But don’t take it as a freelance wire news service.

“We think that iamnews is different. It is different since it is focused on a solution that will connect publishers and reporters in real time”, says Ofir, “we are not taking a major editorial part in our daily work. We are focusing in connecting people to people and not just stories to the media.”


How it works

And where does IAmNews take it’s cut? “Our business model is very simple. We act as the mediators and take a cut of the transactions between publishers and contributors.” And the only ones who get to pay anything are the publishers. “Registration is free, short and easy. Publishers will pay for the services of the journalists in our system per project or as a part of our awarding system.”

The project is still in Alpha mode, but you can already register and try out the current features. “By the end of the month we will open our newsroom that will enable publishers to create assignments (private and public) in our system. The system will act as an agent for all registered reporters and invite them to pitch their stories based on their location and expertise.”

Is IAmNews the foreboding of a new relationship model between the industry and the  pros, for the future world news order ?  “In times where most media companies shut down bureaus and cut down on resources, depending mostly on big generic wire companies, we see ourselves as a future alternative, bringing voices and footage that is cost effective and different.” Being the last the magic words.

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Show me the money: Tabelas para freelancers | Freelancer fees

Tabela jornais regionais

Tabela jornais regionais

use convert/€

Trabalhar como freelancer deixou de ser um último recurso no mar tempestuoso de despedimentos nos orgãos de comunicação, mas uma opção de carreira.

O indicou uma tabela de preços para freelancers no Reino Unido, para jornalistas, fotógrafos, multimédia, etc. Os valores representados não são vinculativos, mas de referência, e cabe a cada freelancer negociar o valor do seu trabalho. O problema é que o trabalho em freelancing é visto por muitos como demasiado bem pago, o que é obviamente uma treta:

“Non-journalists may think that some of these numbers represent a lot of money for what sometimes seems from outside like little work. Staff journalists often look at freelance day rates, divide their salary by 365 and mutter about “freelances having it easy”. No, we do not. That arithmetic is wrong and entirely misunderstands the economics.

Em Portugal, que eu saiba, existe uma tabela informal, mas nada neste género. Que valores cobram por trabalhos em freelancing e o que acham dos números apresentados nesta tabela?

Working as a freelancer is no longer a last resource in the ocean of huge media outlet layoffs, to become a career option. pointed to a fee guide for  media freelancers in the United Kingdom, that includes journalists, photographers, multimedia, etc. The rates presented aren’t mandatory, but are accepted as a common standard, and it’s up to each freelancer to negotiate his pay. The problem is that many look at the freelancers as overpaid professionals, which is clearly a stupid assumption:

“Non-journalists may think that some of these numbers represent a lot of money for what sometimes seems from outside like little work. Staff journalists often look at freelance day rates, divide their salary by 365 and mutter about “freelances having it easy”. No, we do not. That arithmetic is wrong and entirely misunderstands the economics.

In Portugal, as far as i know, there’s an informal rates table, but nothing like this one. How much do you charge for freelance works, and what do you think of the values shown here?

Tabela Online | Online Rates

Tabela Online | Online Rates

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Mapa de jornalistas Freelance | Freelance journalists Map

O freelance, where art thou?

O freelance, where art thou?

O criou um mapa para freelancers. Basta só chegarem ao site, inscreverem-se e criar o vosso perfil. Mas só estão realmente no mapa se membros pagantes da directoria freelance do

Eu estou a pensar fazer um igual, de borla, para Portugal. Há interessados? created a map for freelancers. All you have to do is go to their site, sign up and create your profile. But you’ll only be on the map if you’re a paid-up member of’s freelance directory.

I’m thinking about doing the same thing for Portuguese freelancers only, for free. Anyone interested?

“In this online and news-hungry world with rolling deadlines, location is both less significant and more significant for freelancers. Less significant, because it’s much easier to be found by and to work for clients anywhere in the world; more significant, because location can be key for breaking news or stories that are local to the freelancer,” said John Thompson, publisher of builds listing maps for freelance journalists

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