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Shawn Smith do NewMediaBytes encontrou na OEDB uma lista de podcasts de cursos universitários dedicados a vários temas, dos quais seleccionou alguns para jornalistas new media. Grátis.


NewMediaBytesShawn Smith found at OEDB a “list of free podcasts for courses at creme de la creme universities“, dedicated to several themes, from which he selected a few for new media journalists. Free.

StanfordHuman-Computer Interaction: This course features a variety of speakers on interaction design.

The Future of the Internet: This course discusses the issues of network neutrality and ownership on the Internet.

UC BerkeleyFoundations of American Cyber-Culture: This course takes a look at computers, new media, and the world wide web.

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs: This course offers an introduction to programming and computer science.

Time, Money, and Love in the Age of Technology: In this course, you’ll take a look at the meaning of life, visionary business, and going beyond being human.

Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business: Consider search psychology, economics, spam, and other topics relating to Internet search engines with this course.

MITMedia, Education, and the Marketplace: This set of video lectures discusses using interactive media to enhance education.

Principles of Digital Communication: In this course, you’ll focus on coding techniques for the Shannon limit of AWGN channels.

Introduction to Copyright Law: This course offers both an introduction to copyright law and general American law.

Harvard50 Years in Media: Changes in Journalism: You’ll hear from eight panelists from the Harvard Class of 1955 as they discuss the changes journalism has experienced in the past 50 years.

UCLASocial Psychology: This course takes on psychology as it relates to social situations.

Freshman Computer Science Seminar: You’ll get an introduction to important topics and key ideas for computer science and engineering with this course.

Other online courses:

Utah StateBlogs, Wikis, New Media for Learning: This course is designed to help you understand and effectively use a variety of “web 2.0″ technologies including blogs, RSS, wikis, social bookmarking tools, photo sharing tools, mapping tools, audio and video podcasts, and screencasts.

Flash: This course familiarizes students with Macromedia Flash. Topics to be covered include fundamental programming concepts

Open UniversityFinding Information on the Web: This unit will provide you with the foundation skills to use search engines confidently to locate both information and images on the Web.

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