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Já começou | Knight News Challenge | is on

Knight News ChallengeKnight Foundation

Worldwide Contest Reopens With $5 Million
For Digital Media Experiments to Innovate Journalism

We’re giving away around $5 million in 2009 for the development and distribution of neighborhood and community-focused projects, services, and programs.

If you have a great idea that will improve local online news, deepen community engagement, bring Web 2.0 tools to local neighborhoods, develop publishing platforms and standards to support local conversations or innovate how we visualize, experience or interact with information, we’d like to see it! You have the opportunity to win funding for your project and support within a vibrant community of media, tech, and community-oriented people who want to improve the world.

There are three rules to follow to apply to the 2008-09 Knight News Challenge:

  1. Use or create digital, open-source technology as the code base.
  2. Serve the public interest.
  3. Benefit one or more specific geographic communities.

Get support for your application before you submit: The brand-new News Challenge Garage is a coaching and mentoring site for prospective applicants to talk with mentors and peers, check out previous winners’ applications and improve your application before you submit.

Applications for the 2008-09 cycle will be taken starting September 2, 2008 and close on November 1, 2008.

Está aí o Knight News Challenge, o maior prémio para o desenvolvimento de jornalismo multimédia, comunitário e open source. Entre os vencedores da última edição estão o Dave Cohn, o Ryan Sholin e Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Se tiverem ideias participem e testem-nas no News Challenge Garage.

Here’s Knight News Challenge latest edition, the biggest prize for the development of multimedia, community based, open source journalism. Amongst last year’s winners are Dave Cohn ,Ryan Sholin and Sir Tim Berners-Lee . If you have any ideas apply and test them at the News Challenge Garage.

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European Young Journalist Award


“Are you between 17 and 35 years old? Are you an active editor of a school or students’ media? A freelancer, trainee or intern of print or online media?

Have you recently published or are you about to publish an article dealing with current issues on EU enlargement? Register via the competition website and send us your article with the completed online entry form. Deadline is March 15th 2008!”

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