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Website de Video Jornalismo | Video Journalism website

American News Project site

Já no outro dia falei no Interactive Narratives, um site dedicado a reportagens e trabalhos multimédia. Mas se esse sofreu uma remodelação, este de que vos vou falar agora tem apenas dois meses e dedica-se a reportagens video online.

O American News Project apresenta trabalhos que para eles tenham importância e repercussão social, ou seja, é do mais interventivo que se pode encontrar nos media americanos. Têm espaços para freelancers e também não descartam o financiamento dos utilizadores para realizar alguns projectos. No mínimo, é um site de referência para video online, no máximo, um exemplo de um formato que pode ter muito sucesso.

Nos meus projectos está fazer algo semelhante em Portugal, a partir de toda a comunidade lusófona, e para todo o Mundo. Se alguém quiser participar, deixem recado.

I’ve already mentioned Interactive Narratives here before, a website dedicated to multimedia works and reporting. But if that recently gone through a makeover, this one i’m talking about has only two months and is directed at online video reporting.

The American News Project presents works that , for them, will have social importance and repercussion, which is, it’s the most engaged attitude you can find in american media. They have room for freelancers and they don’t discard user funding to develop some projects. At it’s minimum, it’s a reference website for online video reporting, at it’s max, it is a good example of a format that might turn out to be quite successful.

In my own projects there is the idea of doing something similar here in Portugal, from all the portuguese speaking community to the rest of the world. If you want to join in , leave a message.

About Us

ANP is passionately dedicated to producing online video journalism that matters.

We’re inspired by what Joseph Pulitzer wrote more than 130 years ago: “Always fight for progress and reform, never tolerate injustice or corruption, always fight demagogues of all parties, never belong to any party, always oppose privileged classes and public plunderers, never lack sympathy with the poor, always remain devoted to the public welfare… always be drastically independent, never be afraid to attack wrong, whether by predatory plutocracy or predatory poverty.”

We launched in late May of 2008 and, since then, have been teaming up with others who are similarly inspired. We partner with them on reporting and offer all of our content free to anyone who wants to provide their audiences with good viewing experiences. As a result of this collaboration, our videos have collectively received hundreds of thousands of views on dozens of websites all over the world.

American News Project

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