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Os professores de jornalismo dizem o que os alunos precisam de saber | Journalism teachers tell what students need to know

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Rosental Alves, director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas in Austin

Durante o ONA, Alfred Hermida pegou no seu N95 e perguntou as professores presentes o que é que eles precisam de ensinar para formar novos jornalistas.

Robert Scoble, Rosental Alves – o orientador do workshop de Jornalismo Online a que assisti em Junho (sim, eu vou continuar a falar disto porque foi mesmo bom) –   e outros deixam a sua opinião sobre o que é necessário que os estudantes de Jornalismo sejam e aprendam.

Vejam todos os videos aqui.

During ONA, Alfred Hermida took his N95 and asked around to the  teachers present at the event about what they have to teach to grad journo students.

Robert Scoble, Rosental Alves – the professor at the Online Journalism workshop i attended last June (yes, i’ll keep on referring to it because it was really damn good)- and others leave their opinion about what journalism students need to learn and to be.

Watch all videos here.

The advice for graduates was that they need journalism plus a new set of skills. The basics of journalism — curiosity, passion, accuracy, serving the public interest — were still important. But journalist students also need to learn about how the digital revolution has changed, and continues to change, the media.

This involves understanding how people are consuming media and how content flows online, as well as being aware of the importance of community and the conversation taking place online. Teaching journalism has become “journalism…plus” as Robert Scoble says below.

Journalism Grads Need Basic Skills Plus Openness, Flexibility by Alfred Hermida

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Ferramentas online para jornalistas | Online tools for journalists

Ferramentas do negócio | Tools of the trade

Que ferramentas online usam no vosso dia a dia como jornalistas? São suficientes e as mais eficientes? Permitem colaborações externas?  Podem ser usadas a partir de qualquer lado? E mais importante ainda: facilitam e melhoram o vosso trabalho?

Alfred Hermida criou uma lista para os seus alunos com as 31 melhores aplicações para jornalistas.

Which online  tools do you use in your daily work as journalists? Are they enough and the most efficient? Do they allow external collaborations? Can they be used from any computer? And most  important even: do they improve and make your work easier?

Alfred Hermida set up a list for his students with the 31 best apps for journalists.

As part of the iJournalism class I teach at the UBC j-school, I hold a session on online tools for journalists.

What is striking is how much these tools have developed in the past year.

Some fall by the wayside and new ones spring up, such as sites that mine social network sites for personal information.

31 essential online tools for journalists

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