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Taking a break | Fazer uma pausa

Jonathan Viner is my favorite painter

Jonathan Viner is my favorite painter

For some time now i haven’t been doing as much work as i wanted. There are several reasons for that, but i guess in the end it all ends up in fatigue. I’ve been worried about getting funding for my MA, i’m not delivering anything new here, and some things have just stopped working. Not to say my analogic life is a mess: no job, no money, and all the small things tend to pile to Himalayan proportions. So it’s time to get some rest and put my shit together.

I’m contemplating a few changes in my my life and in my work, and i need a clear mind to sort it out, something i cannot do when trying to keep up with all the stuff that’s going on and babble about it. I need a reboot.

This break can last until next monday, a week or even two, it depends. Since i’m not going anywhere (i mean, travel) i’ll be checking my email and do some twittering, hopefully from a café by the beach. So you can get in touch that i’ll be looking out. See you in a couple of days.

Há já algum que não tenho trabalhado tanto como queria. Há várias razões para isso, mas acho que tudo se resume a cansaço. Tenho andado preocupado em arranjar financiamento  para uma pós-graduação, e não estou a fazer nada de novo aqui, e há coisas que deixaram de funcionar. Sem falar na minha vida analógica que está uma desgraça: sem trabalho, nem dinheiro, e as pequenas coisas ganham proporções  Himalaicas. É tempo de descansar e reagrupar.

Estou a contemplar algumas mudanças na minha vida e no meu trabalho, e preciso de clareza de espírito para me orientar, algo que não consigo fazer a acompanhar tudo o que se passa e resmungar sobre isso depois. Preciso de reiniciar.

Esta pausa pode demorar até próxima segunda, uma semana ou até duas. Como não vou a lado nenhum (de viagem) eu vou vendo os emails e twittar, de preferência a partir de um café na praia. Eu vou estar atento. Até daqui a uns dias.

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Links for today | Links para hoje

The key guidelines for a hyperlocal site are reportedly as such:

1. Skilled staff is imperative- a functioning site requires the input of both content and technological minds. Contributors need to be dedicated to the cause and integrated within the larger organisation.

You can copyright a news story, but you can’t copyright the news. “The news” just means “things that happen in the world.” What would it mean, in practice, to make it illegal to paraphrase a copyrighted news story? Summing up, for example, political events, or a sports controversy, or even a fashion trend, could be interpreted as paraphrasing copyrighted material. So let’s ban talking about anything. And banning links will help us make our references even more obscure, by making it impossible for anyone to refer to source materials! Good idea, Posner. This gross oversimplification makes you look none too freedom-loving!

A small blog article about two months ago proved to be one of the most successful in the five years I’ve been blogging. It listed a dozen or so free applications available on the internet to help multimedia journalists create great pieces.

Well a revision is well overdue; there’s a few of the old ones, which I’ve really enjoyed using, plus many new ones. As always this isn’t a comprehensive list, but these are ones which, to have in your arsenal, give you great potential as a multimedia journalist.

The University of Virginia prepared Jason Motlagh very well for his career has a free-lance foreign correspondent.

When he applied to take a journalism elective course, he was rejected because he wasn’t an English major. When he applied for a job as food columnist at the school paper, he was also rejected.

But Motlagh persisted, and eventually won a spot on the school paper as travel columnist. His specialty: Travel to fascinating world spots on very low budgets.

Voila. Today Motlagh has five years of free-lance foreign  correspondence under his belt and, in many respects, he is the prototype for the journalist of the future: a free-lancing, multimedia correspondent who knows how to market his work and live on a tight budget.

For those of you unfamiliar with the theory of linking and how it works, it’s a fairly simple concept.  Take me linking the word “TechCrunch” above.  I chose to link to the actual story Ms. Schonfeld wrote, so now when this post is published he will receive a notice called a “trackback” that allows him to know that I referenced his article in my post.  This will also be used by search engines to see how relevant his post is and how much credence they should give it.  The more links a site or story receives, the more importance a search engine puts on it, and the more chance of people searching on the appropriate terms will see it.

Essentially, links are the life’s blood of blogging.

John Hartigan is full of shit. Bloggers have gone to jail for their work, and to protect their sources, in North Korea, Iran, Egypt, the list of countries persecuting bloggers grows longer by the week. And the CEO of Australia’s biggest news corporation doesn’t know this?

The jailing of bloggers for speaking too much truth is obviously not the kind of news that John Hartigan, a Rupert Murdoch CEO, is interested in. How could he not know about those jailing and prosecutions.

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