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I need a sponsor | Preciso de um patrocinador

Paul is responsible for the MA | O Paul é o responsável pelo MA

Paul Bradshaw is responsible for the MA | O Paul é o responsável pelo MA

A few weeks ago, Paul Bradshaw sent me an email asking if was interested in applying for the MA in Online Journalism he’ll be running from September, at Birmingham City University. Of course my immediate reaction was jumping off the chair and shout “F**k yes!”. If Paul is ahead of it it’s good enough for me – no doubts about quality. BCU’s MA in Online Journalism is one of the first of its kind in Europe, and is up to speed with the demands of modern journalism. So i am applying for sure – in fact, my pre-application is going today or tomorrow morning.

But a few days later after that email, the “F**k no!” phase settled in. I’ve been asking and digging for grants, scholarships, fellowships, fundings, loans, and basically, i’m screwed. There aren’t any. I can´t afford anything like this, and it pisses me off that i might pass something like this just because of money. If the application board saying i’m not suitable to take the MA is something i can live with, but not the fact i’m not moneyed enough to pursue my goals and develop my knowledge and skills.

You might think “Great, all the world needs is another post-graduate”, and in fact you’re right. Journalism’s industry and schools need cutting edge people to shape the way news must be gathered, processed, distributed. And this MA will, for sure, provide a few. I want to be a part of it.

So, all need is the money. Since i don’t want to rely on crowdfunding like i did before (it’s a lot of money), i’m asking for your connections, contacts, whatever. I’m looking for a sponsor, it could be a company – two, three companies even – or other types of institutional support. In exchange i could work for my sponsors in the future and share what i’ve learned at the MA, instead of going to work for the competition. Or we can negotiate other kind of arrangement, i’m all ears. The bottom line is, i need to finance this without selling internal organs.

As you can find out, i have a good reputation and capabilities that make me a good candidate for this. I believe this would be a great way to push my career forward and at the same time, be a part of the process of bringing Journalism into the Digital Age. I can answer to any questions you might have and i’m open to suggestions.

Meanwhile, i won’t be sitting back waiting for a sponsor to fall from the sky. I’ll be probing a few people, and promote my cause. Now, i’m finishing my pre-application, and expect for the interview. Thanks in advance.

Há uma semanas atrás o Paul Bradshaw enviou-me um email a perguntar se estava interessado em candidatar-me a um Mestrado em Jornalismo Online, que ele vai dirigir a partir de Setembro, na Birmingham City University. É claro que a minha reacção imediata foi saltar da cadeira e berrar “F***-se, sim!”. Se o Paul está à frente disto para mim chega – nada de dúvidas em relação à qualidade. O Mestrado em Jornalismo Online da BCU é um dos primeiros do seu género na Europa, e está a par das exigências do jornalismo moderno. Por isso de certeza que me candidato – aliás, a pré candidatura vai já hoje ou amanhã.

Mas alguns dias depois desse email, instalou-se a fase “F***-se, não!”. Tenho andado a perguntar e à cata de bolsas, financiamentos, empréstimos, e, basicamente, estou lixado. Não há nada. Eu não posso pagar uma coisa destas e chateia-me que tenha que deixar passar uma oportunidade destas apenas por causa de dinheiro. Vivo melhor com uma candidatura recusada por falta de perfil, do que por não ter dinheiro suficiente para ir atrás dos meus objectivos e desenvolver as minhas capacidades e conhecimentos.

Podem pensar “Boa, o que o mundo precisa é mesmo de mais um pós-graduado” e estão mesmo cheios de razão. A indústria e as escolas de Jornalismo precisam de pessoas de vanguarda para moldar a forma como se recolhe, processa e distribui informação. E deste mestrado vão sair uns poucos. Eu quero fazer parte disso.

Por isso, o que eu preciso é de dinheiro. Como não  quero depender de crowdfunding como fiz antes (é muito dinheiro), estou a pedir que usem os vossos conhecimentos e contactos. Estou à procura de um patrocinador, pode ser uma, duas ou três empresas, ou outros tipos de apoio institucional. Em troca podia trabalhar para eles no futuro partilhar o que aprendi no mestrado, em vez de ir para a concorrência. Ou podemos negociar outro tipo de acordo, sou todo ouvidos. O que eu quero é financiar isto sem ter que vender orgãos internos.

Como poderão ver, tenho uma boa reputação e capacidades, que me fazem um bom candidato. Acredito que esta seria uma óptima maneira de avançar com a minha carreira e , ao mesmo tempo, fazer parte do processo de trazer o Jornalismo para a Era Digital. Estou disponível para esclarecer qualquer dúvida.

Entretanto, não vou ficar à espera que caia um patrocínio do céu. Vou sondar algumas pessoas e promover a minha causa. Agora vou acabar a pré-candidatura e esperar pela entrevista.

I’m launching an MA in Online Journalism

From September I will be running an MA in Online Journalism at Birmingham City University. I hope it’s going to be different from any other journalism MA.

That’s because in putting it together I’ve had the luxury of a largely blank canvas, which means I’ve not had to work within the strictures and structures of linear production based courses.

The first words I put down on that blank piece of paper were: Enterprise; experimentation; community; creativity.

Paul Bradshaw

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Doing the Math of Convergence | Fazer as contas à convergência

Convergence level | Grau de convergência

Convergence level | Grau de convergência

Four investigators from the Navarra University in Spain developed a new method to calculate the convergence level of a medium. They pretty much cover all the variables, that are present in an interesting final equation, not suitable for math ignorants like me. Check their presentation here. (via António Granado)

Quatro investigadores da Universidade de Navarra, em Espanha, desenvolveram um novo método para calcular o grau de convergência de um orgão de comunicação social. Eles incluiram todas as variáveis, que fazem parte de uma equação final, não indicada para ignorantes a Matemática como eu. Vejam a apresentação aqui. (via António Granado)


Do the Math | É só fazer as contas

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Links for today | Links para hoje

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you are already a web-head it won’t be anything new. I think this video is more to convert folk. But even if you are already a convert to the idea of collaboration on the web – this is an inspiring video.

Where are the drums and smoke signs? ! E os tambores e sinais de fumo?

Thomas Baekdal details the patterns of communication over the last hundred years and the shifts that have occurred. If your great-grandparents wanted to stay current on the news, for instance, they had to make a conscious effort to be places where people were talking about it. Now you can have it streamed, beamed, and delivered.

The much-hyped search engine – sorry, “computational knowledge engine” – Wolfram Alpha launched over the weekend. Its use of databases and semantic search should be particularly exciting for journalists because a) it searches parts of the ‘hidden web’ that most search engines don’t reach (i.e. databases); and b) it has the potential to throw up quick answers to questions about relationships and facts that Google is also not great at.

Now, note that I say “potential to” – Wolfram Alpha is in its very early days. Below I talk about what it can do now; I expect it will be years before it truly becomes a game-changer.

Click image to watch | Clique na imagem para ver
Click image to watch | Clique na imagem para ver
This is what happens when multimedia journalists have too much time on their hands.

The write up goes as follows:

“With ad revenue in freefall, the BBC licence fee under severe pressure and online news sources rapidly expanding, this session will examine whether we need – or can any longer afford – journalism on the small screen”.


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I moved | Mudei-me


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