i : the manifesto | o manifesto


old cover project | antiga maquete da capa

The new “i” will be news caviar.

News paté.

Not news pottage.

News, stories, analysis, opinions and services will be presented in a first class graphic model, but the secret of the new formula will not be the quality of the design but the relevance of the content.

This has been a content-driven redesign.

I wants be an extremely efficient newspaper.

Offering quality and compelling information in an attractive, compact, and easy to read newspaper format.

Not zooming old formulas into fewer pages.


Our Portuguese readers will get more information than ever in print and online .

And our superb content will capture more eyeballs than ever.

This is an excerpt of the Manifesto devised by Juan Antonio Giner that is working with the team of the new portuguese newspaper coming out next Thursday, named “i”.  As we all know these are hard times for the publishing industry, so new projects will have to be different of what has been done before. So the expectations for “i” are huge. I’ll be coming  back to this launch during this week. Until then, read the whole Manifesto.

Este é um excerto do Manifesto pensado por Juan Antonio Giner que está a trabalhar com a equipa do novo jornal “i”, que é lançado já esta quinta-feira. Como todos sabemos, estes são tempos difíceis para a indústria dos jornais, por isso os novos projectos terão que ser diferentes do que se tem feito até agora. As expectativas para o “i” são, portanto, enormes. Eu vou voltar a este assunto durante a semana. Até lá leiam todo o Manifesto.

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