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Links for today | Links para hoje

Not just because the New York “Twimes” sounds kind of cool — but because of the economics of news. News is about what’s timely. There’s nothing more timely than Twitter. Twitter would provide the NYT with four key resources and capabilities.

Enough already. Partial facts and misinformation about newspapers are distorting the view for everyone, including readers and advertisers.

Let’s set the record straight: Newspapers still enjoy considerable readership and deliver strong results for advertisers. More Americans read printed newspapers than watch the Super Bowl. More Americans read printed newspapers than own dogs. Newspapers and their Web sites reach a larger audience than ever before.

The crisis facing newspapers is not an audience problem. It is a revenue problem.

Newspapers deliver vital information to communities, as they have since this country was settled. But something has to pay for all of that news. Advertising has traditionally supported the valuable content provided by newspapers. Two developments have devastated that revenue.

Tell me what RELEVANT experience you have. Not about writing in-house newsletters for the haulage industry.Then, how about putting all that relevant experience at the top of your covering letter/CV? Where it catches my eye? Instead of squirreling it away down by your signature, as though you’re embarrassed to be thought competent for the job.Put your contact details on your covering letter. Unless, that is, you don’t want to be contacted.

I thought about this yesterday as I was speaking to a journalism class at the University of Washington. The instructor, Kathy Gill, asked me at the end of my presentation what 3 things the students in the room should know as they embark on their professional careers.

My initial response:

1. Start a blog on something you’re passionate about and can write authoritatively about and try to grow the readership. Nothing will teach you about the power and responsibility of being publisher as fast or as well.

Um dos temas que mais fascina pesquisadores de todo o mundo é o processo de difusão e transmissão de informações entre os atores sociais. Esses estudos têm sido mais e mais freqüentes com o advento da Internet, principalmente porque a Rede permitiu que o acompanhamento das informações devido aos rastros deixados nela. Com isso, estudiosos de diversas áreas têm focado esses processos a partir da perspectiva de redes, e de um modo especial, a partir de pontos de vista mais comuns na Economia, como a teoria dos jogos e as cascatas de informação. É principalmente nesse último tema que quero discutir algumas idéias.

As chamadas cascatas de informação (information cascades) ocorrem quando temos um tipo de comportamento (ou decisão) que é repetido por vários atores com base na observação dos demais (influência) e não em uma análise a partir das informações recebidas a respeito. Ou seja, as pessoas repetem as informações baseadas no fato de que outras pessoas estão fazendo assim.

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