Twitter Cartoon Day next Friday

Those who were already around last year must remember this. TwitterCartoonDay was one of the first and fastest memes in Twitter’s history, and also one of the funniest ones. And it’s happening again this Friday. For those who never heard of it, here’s the abridged version.

It all began one day when Paul Bradshaw used a  Dick Dastardly avatar and i suggested organizing a day using only avatars and backgrounds with our favorite cartoon and comic book characters. Back then, my modest network of a little bit over than 100 followers joined the party, especially across the Atlantic, among my brazillian followers, but Paul managed to mobilize lots of people in the UK and in the United States, creating one of the most interesting viral phenomena in a virtual community until then. Remember, a year ago there weren’t this much Twitter users, and most of them were communication and other more “serious”  professionals, that for one day, started discussing their cartoon preferences and their childhood memories, when they used to read comics under the blankets at night with a flashlight, or woke up real early every Saturday morning to sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite cartoon shows.


This Friday we’re bringing it back, this time in a tad different environment. We all know that Twitter had an exponential growth in these last few months, and it is not as an innocent space as it was. But it is still a good place for sharing, and especially, for having fun. There are some details that need to be worked out, but Paul and i already decided a few things: this year’s tag will be #twoonday (last time it was a long #twittercartoonday) and i’ll be putting a map up so you can share your avatars. There is also a Flickr group from last year where you can see some of the participations from that day, and that can be used again this year. There will be other news about this throughout this week , so look out for them.

And if you didn’t  get what the Twitter Cartoon Day is for, i’ll explain: it’s for you to have fun.

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