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Portuguese public television explains the process of making a news broadcast


The thing is, it’s easy to look back and judge newspaper companies for missing opportunities. It seems so obvious. But it’s much harder to make the right investment or business decision at the right time than it is to decide what would have been best when looking back.

I’m not saying that newspapers have done everything right, because they haven’t. But I do think that they’ve done more than most people give them credit for. Maybe even all they can do.

Media moguls—journalism moguls, anyway—need two sets of skills. They have to be able to select and package material from the world in a way that gives it order and narrative drive and swagger. They also have to forge, through creativity, cunning, and force, a set of arrangements with customers, competitors, governments, advertisers, production facilities, and distribution networks which can generate a lot of money. Even in an era of focus groups and marketing research, any news publication that attracts an audience has to have a personality, which means that it has to bear the stamp of a real person. (That person doesn’t have to be glamorous or trendy; he or she just has to have an industrial-strength sensibility—think of DeWitt Wallace, of Reader’s Digest, or Michael Bloomberg.) Often, the personality remains, preserved by successors, long after the original mogul is gone.

The public toilet is not the place where you want to hang out, converse, and connect with your neighbors. It is quite the opposite, you are in and out and don’t stop to open your eyes or nose to the environment. This is exactly how I feel every time I venture into the forums of our local paper (why did I come in here and how fast can I get out?).

Merlin continues his observation to support his claim:

If you just give people an opportunity to dive bomb in and say one thing and go away it’s not a conversation, it’s scrawl. When you turn on comments, when you encourage community, when encourage any of that, you also take on a responsibility to manage a certain expectation. Anytime you turn on a community aspect it not only needs moderation of some kind, but you are obligated to listen, respond and then show how that input had an impact on what you do.

The Dallas Morning News launched a print-only community newspaper called Neighbors in 2005 and, two years later, turned it into neighborsgo and launched a corresponding Web site under the direction of managing editor Oscar Martinez.

The idea behind the project: offer readers a place to publish their news on a separate area of the Morning News Web site with the lure of print publication for the best stuff. In addition to the Web site, 18 different print editions were launched, each targeting a separate geographic area.

The readers responded. Editors were inundated with submissions and emails. And, the way Martinez views it, print provided the motivation for most people.

With this method, a writer or editor can use a Twitter account to publish breaking news directly to a Web site without any technical skills required. After a one-time setup, headlines or breaking news updates sent with this method will appear seamlessly on the Web site, matching the appearance of existing styles on the page. The headline can be easily replaced or removed without any technial knowledge. And the publishing occurs entirely via e-mail so that reporters with e-mail capable cell phones can send updates directly to the Web site from the field using this technique.

Optionally, the technique can be set up to mask the origin of the updates on Twitter. This guide includes instructions for two ways of setting up the system: one with a standard link to the Twitter account’s home page and a second one that obscures the origin of the post on Twitter.

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