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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Joanna Geary asked for Jeff Jarvis advice to local journalists. It was meant for UK’s but i guess it applies to anywhere else

Joanna Geary pediu conselhos a Jeff Jarvis para os jornalistas locais. Era para os ingleses, mas acho que se aplica a qualquer lado.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Newsstand business drama in Barcelona.  And everywhere else. Spoken in catalan.

O drama dos quiosques em Barcelona. E em todo o lado. Em catalão.

The report points to two factors that have come together to create a perfect storm for legacy media.

First, the number of people going online for news accelerated substantially in 2008. But although many of these visited traditional news destinations, “the financial impact of that was a negative one”.

Second, the collapsing economy has hit the news industry hard: “the recession hammered advertising and diverted attention away from innovating new revenue sources”.

So why are tattoos erased, pictures combined, and colors skewed? Although some might say that photoshop is to blame, I would have to disagree. Yes, photoshop is extremely powerful in it’s editing capabilities, but isn’t Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools just as good? Is it the pressure to get the best picture … the pressure to turn around a high-quality image for the tomorrow’s front page … or just the laziness to shoot it correctly while on scene?

It seems abstract, but you can do it with photos that capture emotions and audio that goes beyond the standard, “Today’s event was really successful, we had a huge turnout,” quote. If you go into the project with a goal of humanizing your subjects, it’ll be easier to look for those stories that really stand out.

If you’ve never made an audio slideshow, it’s a piece of cake. The quickest way to do it is using Soundslides, which you can download and purchase online. Multimedia Shooter has a video tutorial that covers all the basic functions of Soundslides Plus. For good examples, see the National Press Photographers Association’s winning audio slideshows.

Grokking the GIMP

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