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European Young Journalist Award | Prémio Europeu para Jovens Jornalistas


Deadline: May 31st | Prazo: 31 de Maio

If you’re under 35 and a resident in a member state of the EU,  you can participate in the 2009 edition of the European Young Journalist Award. The works should be dedicated to european issues, like the enlargement of the union. This competition is promoted by the European Youth Press Association and Café Babel. Check the regulation and other details here.

Se têm menos de 35 anos e são residentes num estado membro da UE, podem participar no Prémio Europeu para Jovens Jornalistas. Os trabalhos devem ser dedicados a assuntos europeus, como o alargamento da união. Esta competição é promovida pela European Youth Press Association e Café Babel. Vejam mais informação sobre o concurso e o regulamento aqui.

From 2 February 2009 – 31 May 2009 young journalists aged 17 – 35, citizens or residents of the 27 member states of the EU or the candidate and potential candidate countries, are invited to participate in the 2009 European Young Journalist Award.

The European Union is planning further enlargement towards the East. Originally starting with the six founding members, the EU grew to include 27 member states.  Now three candidates (Croatia, Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), five potential candidates (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo) are working on fulfilling the EU criteria to become the next European member states and candidate countries.

The enlargement of the European Union is changing our vision of Europe but what are your opinions on this? Below are some themes suggested for articles in 2009:

  • 20 years since the removal of the Iron Curtain: has the integration with the Central and Eastern European countries changed the face of Europe?
  • Five years after: the impact of the accession to the EU of the ten member states that joined in 2004
  • The quest for EU membership: why is the European perspective crucial for the Western Balkans and Turkey?
  • Accession into the EU of new member states: good for the EU or good for the acceding country?
  • What does belonging to the EU mean for you/your country?

Have a look at the winning articles 2008 to get some inspiration read on.

Participants are particularly encouraged to discuss questions related to the fall of the iron curtain, symbolised by the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 or express their thoughts on how Europe has changed since the enlargement in 2004.

If you are a young aspiring or already established print, online or radio journalist then register and submit your entry before 31 May 2009.

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