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Top 5 Wrap Up | Top 5 Conclusão


My Top5 series turned out to be quite a hit, thanks to references in other blogs, like Mindy McAdams’, so i’ll take this opportunity to put the list in one place:

  1. Is Twitter Journalism?
  2. Death of the Blogosphere
  3. Citizen Journalism
  4. Bloggers vs. Journalists
  5. The Death of Newspapers

These posts could have been more developed but i think they got to the point. These are complex issues and important in this time of change, but lets not wast time with the small stuff and come forward with more solutions than problems.

Megan Taylor listed a few other quarrels that are as important as the ones i posted about. I’m not doing another series about  these, but if someone does, please let me know. Thanks.

A minha série Top5 acabou por ser um enorme sucesso, graças a referências noutros blogs, como o da Mindy McAdams, por isso vou aproveitar para arrumar a lista:

  1. O Twitter é Jornalismo?
  2. Morte da Blogosfera
  3. Jornalismo do Cidadão
  4. Bloggers vs Jornalistas
  5. A morte dos jornais

Estes posts podiam estar mais desenvolvidos, mas penso que estão claros. São assuntos complexos e importantes nestes tempos de mudança, mas não vamos perder tempo com picuinhices,mas apresentar soluções em vez de problemas.

A Megan Taylor listou mais algumas disputas que são tão importantes como as que eu postei. Como não vou fazer outra série sobre estas, se alguém o fizer, digam. Obrigado.

My additions (in the comments):

6. Paywalls
7. It’s Google’s Fault
8. Linking

Others (in the comments):

7.5. Google should pay restitution for driving traffic to my news site

10. “X is not journalism!” and “Journalism is not Y!”

I think these conversations pop up every few months, though I haven’t kept track of who is having them. Is it the same people over and over? Or, do different people encounter the same questions as the printies move online? Can we build an F.A.Q. for newbies, listing the different points to each argument?

Having the same conversation over and over again does not progress make. We need to move beyond these questions and find new ones.

Some new questions:

How can we support journalism? Do organizations need to turn non-profit? Or get their work funded by the community? What online advertising models are being used and are they effective? How can news organizations collaborate?

Megan Taylor

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You’re my Twitterwall

Some of my followers | Alguns dos meus seguidores

Some of my followers | Alguns dos meus seguidores

This small post is all about Twitter and dedicated to the people who follow me. You’re a great crew, and i’ve been learning a lot from you. So i thank you all.

When i look at this mosaic i understand that i have engaged conversation with most of them and that there is regular dialogue with most of them, even if it’s just a retweet. And many are as addicted to Twitter as i am. Below you can see what do they do, from this cloud created from their bios. Follow them too.

Kevin Sablan talks here about TwitGrid and how to follow specific groups of people, and recommends me as one to follow. I recomend him too.

Recently Inês Amaral (@ciberesfera) shared three very interesting studies about twitter:

Social Networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope

Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging
Usage and Communities(.pdf)

Beyond Microblogging: Conversation and Collaboration via Twitter(.pdf)

If you’re not following me yet on Twitter, you  don’t know what you’re missing. Just click here and join the conversation.

Este pequeno post é sobre  Twitter e é dedicado às pessoas que me seguem. Vocês são um grupo impecável, e tenho aprendido muito com vocês. Por isso agradeço-vos a todos.

Quando olho para este mosaico percebo que conversei com a maioria e que existe um diálogo regular com a maioria, mesmo que seja um retweet. E muitos são tão viciados no Twitter como eu. Abaixo podem ver o que eles fazem, nesta cloud criada a partir das suas bios. Sigam alguns deles também.

Kevin Sablan fala aqui do TwitGrid e como seguir grupos específicos de pessoas, e recomenda-me como uma a seguir. Eu recomendo-o a ele.

Recentemente a Inês Amaral (@ciberesfera) partilhou três estudos sobre o Twitter:

Social Networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope

Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging
Usage and Communities(.pdf)

Beyond Microblogging: Conversation and Collaboration via Twitter(.pdf)

Se não me estão já a seguir, não sabem o que estão a perder. Cliquem aqui e juntem-se à conversa.

Who | Quem

Who | Quem

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