Links for the weekend | Links para o fim de semana

The author of this WordPress plugin is only 16 and from Portugal.The kid has a future. Check out his webpage.

O autor deste plugin para o WordPress tem apenas 16 anos e é português. O miúdo tem futuro. Visitem o site dele.

To recap this remarkable year, NewsTrust editors have compiled a list of our top rated news and opinion from 2008. To qualify, each story had to have an average rating of 4.0 or higher and no fewer than ten reviews. We selected final entries from this short list on our special ‘Best of 2008’ topic page:

Our final selection — of ten news and five opinion pieces — was hand-picked by our editors from dozens of qualifying stories to reflect a wide range of sources, viewpoints and styles of coverage.

There has always been a touch of glamour associated with foreign correspondents, able to live in far-away lands and report on wars and strife, as in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Foreign Correspondent,” quoted above. But today, Johnny Jones would likely be brought back from Europe in a round of cost-cutting at his newspaper, as foreign bureaus disappear at most American media outlets.

But Phil Balboni, the man who started the New England Cable News channel when no one thought 24-hour regional news TV would work, thinks he can bring new life to foreign correspondents with an online hub called GlobalPost, due to launch next Monday. His ambitious goal is to make GlobalPost the nerve center for American foreign correspondents, just as Politico has thrived as an axis of political journalism.

Writing about tech at times like these is, therefore, sort of a strange job. It entails reviewing products that are often expensive and definitely elective. At first glance, it would seem that spending on electronics would be one easy place to cut back.

But technology giveth, and technology taketh away. You might think of high-tech gadgetry as something that drains your bank account — but it can save you money, too. A lot of it.

Herewith: a few suggestions for using tech to save money. These aren’t new ideas; the press has covered all of these technologies before. But when every $100 counts, it’s worth dusting them off for another look. (The savings estimates below are typical, but of course your mileage may vary; it all depends on what services you’re paying for now.)

As reported on the Journalism.co.uk main site, Washington newspaper rivals have joined forces to publish shared links relating to extreme flooding in the Western Washington region, in one of the first examples of ‘networked link journalism’ in action.

Journalism.co.uk contacted Paul Balcerak, assistant editor of dynamic media at Sound Publishing, publisher of the PNWLocalNews.com site.

Further to his comments in the main piece, Balcerak shares here his thoughts on using Publish2, the link journalism site and application.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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