Jornais Portuguese no Youtube | Portuguese newspapers using YouTube


Jornais portugueses no YouTube | Portuguese newspapers in YouTube

Depois de ter surgido no 10.000words um mapa com todos os jornais americanos com canal no YouTube, foram feitos um para o Reino Unido, outro para a Noruega, e ainda outro para a Polónia .

Esta é a minha contribuição para Portugal. Dos 173 websites de jornais portugueses que analisei, pude ver que 19 usam vídeo mas apenas 6 nove recorrem ao Youtube. Os restantes recorrem ao SapoVídeo ou enta, alojam os próprios trabalhos.

After 10000words presented a map with all the american newspapers that had a YouTube channel , a few others were created for other countries, like the UK, Norway and Poland.

This is my own effort to map the portuguese situation. Out of the 173 newspaper websites i went through only 19 use video, and from those only six nine have YouTube  channels. The others rely on SapoVideos or host their own work.


Norway | Poland | Portugal | USA | UK

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9 Respostas to “Jornais Portuguese no Youtube | Portuguese newspapers using YouTube”

  1. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:20 pm

    Wow, that seems like quite a low number.

    But a great addition to the growing world atlas of newspapers using youtube 🙂

  2. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:27 pm


    Falta o JN…


    Mas sei que a Renascença tb tem alguma coisa lá; só não sei sob que nome.

    Bom trabalho.

    Um abraço,

    luis santos

  3. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:31 pm

    Yes, it looks like a low number, but there are some factors that can explain this: Portugal is a local market, with 10 million inhabitants. Most local and regional newspapers are going through some economical difficulties (who isn’t?) and seem to have stopped in time. It’s worth checking some of those
    173 newspaper websites
    (especially the ones in the lower half) to have a glimpse on the way they approach the internet- static pages with newspaper cover pics, terrible design, no updates, cluttered content, etc. If some are trying to survive and embrace the future, others are waiting to die and don’t even know it. I confess i got a little depressed while i was doing the research, the overall picture is quite gloomy.

    Thanks for stopping by Andy. 😉

  4. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:40 pm

    Boa, obrigado Luís, por acaso esqueci-me de pedir no fim do post para avisar se sabiam de mais algum. Eu ainda vou rever a lista de jornais com vídeo para ver se alguns têm canal no YouTube apesar de usarem outros recursos no site. Não vou falar da Renascença, estou a pensar fazer um post só sobre como as rádios estão a usar o online, e este é só dedicado aos jornais.

    Mais uma vez, obrigado pela dica e pela visita.

  5. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:43 pm

    @Paulo Querido Obrigado, mas como estava a dizer ao Andy, esta viagem pelos sites da imprensa portuguesa deixou-me deprimido…

  6. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 1:50 pm

    You’re right. There are some pretty tired looking sites in that mix aren’t there. Still perhaps that means there is a lot of work for (and to be done by)the right people. Are the industry investing in that kind of help?

  7. 4 de Dezembro de 2008 às 2:03 pm


    er…no…the papers don’t have almost any revenues, don’t know how to create alternative sources, most of them have 2 to 3 people in the newsroom, and pay really bad, when they pay- i’ve been there. Then the owners of most newspapers use them for politics or to fulfill their own agendas: many belong to local parishes, and there are many that are part of regional economical groups with different political colors engaged in power games. There is a situation near the place i live where there are 4 newspapers for a 20/25 thousand people universe. And the worst part is that there are notorious cases of corruption and fraud with governmental support for the local press. There is no plan, it’s everyman for himself. Others than me have a clearer view on the subject, but i’m more acquainted with the dark side…

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