Confiança e integridade | Trust and integrity

Profile picture of Chris Cramer, Reuters News, global editor of multimedia
Chris Cramer

Numa recente apresentação na Nottingham Trent University, Chris Cramer, consultor na Reuters depois de uma carreira de 11 anos na CNN, abordou dois conceitos chave na produção jornalística: confiança e integridade. Mas o seu discurso vai muito mais longe do que as questões éticas e enquadra-as nas perspectivas global e tecnológica actuais. Uma intervenção para ler e reflectir.

A transcrição da apresentação pode ser lida aqui.

In a recent presentation at the Nottingham Trent University, Chris Cramer, consultant at Reuters after as 11 year career at CNN, talked about two key issues in journalistic production: trust and integrity. But his speech goes way beyond than just ethic questions but he frames them in the current global and technological perspectives.His intervention is a great source for reflection.

The full transcript of the presentation can be read here.

So I’d like to talk today about what role the media can play in a changing world and what its responsibilities should be.

Is it a passive window on the world, an inanimate mirror which reflects simply what is happening or does the media have a true social responsibility beyond getting ratings and readership and making profit? Can the media and journalists make the world a better place? Or are they just lazy tools of a fickle society?

Have readers and viewers and consumers lost trust in the mainstream media and do they now prefer to gather their own information via the internet and blog sites?

‘Trust and integrity in the modern media’ – Chris Cramer’s speech to Nottingham Trent University

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