Links para o fim de semana | Links for the weekend

"Don't believe everything that you read" , Loser - Beck

"Don't believe everything that you read" Loser - Beck

Daily Mirror trapped in Wikicirclejerk -The Register

In late August, after the draw for this season’s UEFA Cup, someone calling themselves godpants decided he would add a few words to the Wikipedia page detailing a Cypriot football club known as AC Omonia. “A small but loyal group of fans are lovingly called ‘The Zany Ones,'” he typed. “They like to wear hats made from discarded shoes and have a song about a little potato.”

This was complete nonsense. But three weeks later, when Manchester City traveled to Omonia for a first round UEFA Cup tie, David Anderson added the nonsense in his match preview, which ran in the printed Daily Mirror and on its website.

Jornalista confiou demasiado na Wikipedia. Mas o que que é que aconteceu à verificação de factos na web? Pode acontecer a qualquer um.

Journalist trusted Wikipedia too much. But whatever happened to fact checking and the web? It could happen to anyone.


This is the type of leadership that we need – News Videographer

A while back I wrote a post answering 10 questions that Colin Mulvany asked about newspaper video on his blog.

Now Rob Curley at the Las Vegas Sun has published his own answers to those 10 questions.

Angela Grant tem mais algumas ideias sobre vídeo que valem a pena ler

Angela Grant has some few more thoughts about video that are worth following.

WAN Amsterdam: Newspapers must experiment with online journalism and accept failures, says Guardian advisor – Journalism.co.uk

Newspapers should experiment with journalism online and not be afraid to fail, said Caroline Little, in her keynote speech at the WAN Digital Revenue Goldmine in Amsterdam today.

Experimentation is required as part of a rethink of the industry as a whole, in particular of business models, said the former Washington Post and Newsweek Interactive CEO, who is an advisor to Guardian.co.uk on its move into the US market.

“[The] web provides all sorts of journalistic opportunities. By embracing all these opportunities there is the chance to gain revenue,” she said.

Falhar é uma opção.

Failure is an option.

alt text

Multimedia types for storytellers – Innovative Interactivity

As a multimedia and/or interactive producer, one must always think of new and innovative ways to tell stories. The options are endless, yet many times the problem is simply not knowing all of the possibilities while storyboarding a project.

As possibilidades que cada meio oferece na construção de uma história multimédia.E o melhor é que se podem cruzar.

The possibilities that each medium offers when building a multimedia story. And the best part is when they crossover.

This is an attempt to synthesize, analyze and categorize all of the responses from RWW, digg and Twitter. What is next after Web 2.0? Read on!

O que é que vai suceder depois da web 2.0? 3.0 é o meu palpite…

What will happen after web 2.0? 3.0 is my lucky guess…


Scholarly Comments on Online Journalism

Novo blogue sobre ciberjornalismo

Interessante é o enfoque que o professor universitário pretende dar a CyberJournalism, blogue escrito em inglês: privilegiar a análise de conceitos e tendências do ciberjornalismo em detrimento de temas de índole profissional.

Nasceu um novo blogue sobre ciberjornalismo. O autor, Javier Díaz Noci, é um dos principais investigadores espanhóis nesta área.

Site recomendado:Cyberjournalism é um blog da autoria de Javier Diaz Noci, e é escrito em inglês. Mais uma referência para os interessados via Travessias Digitais.

Recommended website: Cyberjournalism a blog by Javier Diaz Noci, and it’s in english. Another reference for those interested via Travessias Digitais.

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