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Manual do Jornalista | The News Manual

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Dois jornalistas da Papua Nova Guiné começaram a escrever nos anos 90 um manual para jornalistas em países em desenvolvimento,financiado pela UNESCO. O projecto teve tanto sucesso, ultrapassando o seu público inicial, que eles decidiram publicar o manual por inteiro online.

Apesar de se referir a uma realidade anglófila, trata-se de um recurso muito interessante, quer para profissionais e jovens jornalistas como para cidadãos que criam conteúdos.

David Ingram, um dos autores do manual dá uma entrevista aqui ao

Two journalists from Papua New Guinea started writing a journalism manual in the 90’s for journalists in developing countries, financed by UNESCO. It was so successful it went way beyond their inicial target audience, that they decided to publish the work in full online.

Though referring to a more anglophile reality, it’s a most interesting resource, wether for pros and young journalists as for content generating citizens.

David Ingram, one of the authors, is interviewed by the, here.

A news resource first designed for journalists and journalism students in the Asia-Pacific region has been launched as a free online service for journalists.

First published by two journalists, working in Papua New Guinea in the 1990s, the News Manual was a three volume book part-funded by UNESCO. It has now been revised, updated and placed online as 72 indexed chapters, which cover the topics of advanced reporting, ethics and law.

Its new online presence allows it to link to professional sites, discussions and resources. talked to one of the original authors, David Ingram.

What’s the aim of the manual?
[DI]It’s a resource. It can help people write news, navigate legal issues or become better-informed journalists, but the real work has to take place in the individual themselves.

I want The News Manual Online to practise what Peter Henshall [his co-author] and I always taught – that journalists may spend our lives chasing that chimera called ‘Truth’ and never quite nail it down, but every day we can practice honesty.

PNG’s News Manual goes global with online edition

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