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Questions and answers about video interviews | News Videographer

Quick rundown of the advice:

-Use silence on your end to elicit talking on the interviewee’s end
-Get out of the way and let the interview happen
-Interruptions are sometimes necessary: It depends on what you’re after

Report: Enterprise 2.0 Apps Will Dramatically Fall in Price – ReadWriteWeb

A new report by Forrester Research states that the market for collaboration and productivity web apps in the enterprise (a.k.a. enterprise 2.0) is set for a shake-up, with prices to fall in some cases by over half. Price drops will be especially sharp in blog, wikis, social networking and widgets. The only exception is mashups, which will increase in price over the next 5 years.

10 Micro Trends to Bet on For Your Audacious Startup – ReadWriteWeb

Credit crisis. Blah, blah. Cut costs. Blah, blah. Don’t you just love it when you get an alarm call from your hotel at 9.15 when your meeting is at 9.00? At ReadWriteWeb we have been sounding alarms about the economy for a year (here, here, here and here…enough already), suggesting strategies to cope with the coming downturn.

But what about now? This is the time to be audacious. The world has changed, totally and irrevocably. Change is the entrepreneur’s friend.

The 20 Essential RSS Feeds for Multimedia Journalists

10,000 Words RSS feed is one of them.

Scott Rosenberg Traces the Blogosphere’s Origins

In July of last year, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Happy Blogiversary,” claiming that it had officially been 10 years since the blog was born. The writer cited Jorn Barger, owner of a site called Robot Wisdom, as the first blogger. After all, it was Barger who first coined the term weblog in 1997, a word that would be later truncated into the monosyllabic blog.

But Scott Rosenberg wasn’t convinced. A co-founder of and former technology editor for that site, Rosenberg knew that several online destinations that preceded Barger’s site still met the technical definition of a blog — a website that publishes updates in reverse chronological order — including Dave Winer’s Scripting News and Ric Ford’s Macintouch. By the time that Journal article was published, Rosenberg had already been kicking around the idea of writing a book on the history of blogs for some time.

Court: Newspapers Don’t Have To Give Up The IP Addresses Of Abusive Commenters, Sort Of.

Thankfully, under the Communications Decency Act Web sites can’t be held responsible for comments left on their pages. But can Web sites be forced to divulge their commenters’ IP addresses? Even if anonymous commenters use a site as a soapbox to harrass someone and call them an (actual quote) “cantakerous obnoxious dishonest new money pig self proclaimed god?” No way, says a mostly sensible Oregon court. download

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Mapas e candidatas Brasil08 | Maps and female candidates Brazil08

Flash & GoogleMap

Flash & GoogleMap

O Paulo Querido lançou-me um desafio e aqui está o resultado. Há já muito tempo que queria fazer um trabalho informativo em Flash, e seguindo a sugestão do Paulo fiz um mapa sobre as mulheres candidatas às eleições municipais nas capitais estaduais brasileiras, realizadas a 4 de Outubro.

À medida que ia fazendo o trabalho, fui pensando noutros formatos para apresentar esta mesma informação, e o mais óbvio pareceu-me ser um GoogleMap, por isso fiz outro dessa forma.

O projecto em Flash é só uma demo por isso graficamente não está perfeito, e além disso sou autodidacta em ambos os formatos. Façam os vossos comentários e sugestões.

Paulo Querido challenged me and here’s the result. I’ve been planning for some time to create a news project in Flash, and following Paulo’s suggestion i did a map about the women running for mayor in the brazillian state capitals, in the elections held last October 4th.

As i was doing the project i kept thinking about other formats to present this same information, and Google Maps seemed an obvious choice for me, so i did one about it too.

The Flash project is just a demo so it’s not perfect graphically, and i’m self-taught working with both formats. But go ahead, do your comments and suggestions.

Mapa Mulheres Candidatas Brasil08 | Map Women Candidates Brazil08

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