Dave Cohn: Entrevista em Crowdsourcing- as perguntas | Crowdsourced interview – the questions

1- Spot.us has become a success even before it’s official start. What is the current situation?

2- I’ve been following the evolution of spot.us, with all it’s episodes. Has it become a more complex task than you expected?

3- Spot.us provides a chance to report on subjects that are overlooked by the newsrooms. Is the picture of the world brought by traditional media too narrow?

4- How do you define yourself : as a journalist, an editor, an entrepreneur or something else? You are multitasking these days…

5- How has your perspective on journalism – as a business and as a service (or as a process, like you say) – changed since the beggining of spot.us?

6- Do you feel people are eager for long feature stories, investigative journalism, instead of the fluff we see every day in the news?

7- Nuno Loureiro – “In which way do you think that projects like spot.us can contribute to change the communication paradigm in the near future, regarding technological democracy and having in account the ultimate objective of total independence towards corporate media?”

8- Vera – “I’d like to ask Dave how open he is to the possibility of Spot.us expanding to other regions (and other countries) and how hard he thinks that would be.”

9 – Carlos Alonso – “I’m interested in agenda issues. Are you going to track whether a story has been covered before or not in media and the differences between media and spot.us coverage?

What I want to know is if this new model that gives the people the editorial power of choosing what they want/is going to be covered results in a agenda different of what the media are proposing, if there is a gap between what the newspapers are giving and what the people want to know, and if Spot.us fills this gap.”

10- Paulo Querido – Asks if journalists in a project like this could be hired in a  full-time basis? To which I add: who can pitch and work for/with Spot.us?

11- Laura Oliver – How aware are the offline community about Spot.Us’ activity and do you have any plans for how to market the project further?

12- One of the fundamentals in your work is the concept of democracy applied to journalism, of the crowd taking control. Wasn’t journalism democratic nor did it work for common good before?

13- How do you feel about all the reactions Spot.us has been getting? There was the NYTimes article, and some raised suspicion about the risks associated with the crowdfunding, do you think they were exaggerated?

14- What is dead wrong with the journalism business today?

15- What kind of advice would you give to young journalists and entrepreneurs?

Aqui estão as perguntas que vou colocar ao Dave Cohn, se bem que ainda tenho uma dúvida ou duas. Tenho como objectivo saber algumas coisas com isto:

-como se tem desenrolado o processo do Spot.us;

-o que mudou na perspectiva do Dave Cohn ao longo desta experiência;

-qual é a sua visão sobre o jornalismo hoje em dia;

Acima de tudo quis evitar algumas questões já feitas noutras entrevistas, e dar uma visão geral do projecto, de como se enquadra na realidade, e sobre as ideias que levaram o Dave a realizá-lo.

Mas se tiverem alguma ideia, correcção ou sugestão a fazer, digam, as perguntas só seguem na sexta-feira. Usem a caixa de comentários. Obrigado.

So, here they are, the questions for Dave Cohn, even if i still have some doubts in an item or two. Here’s my purpose with these questions:

-how has the process of building Spot.us evolved;

-what has changed in Dave Cohn’s perspective through out this experience;

-what is his view on journalism nowadays;

Above all i tried to avoid some questions already made in previous interviews, and provide an overall vision on the project, how it fits in reality, and Dave’s ideas that led him to do it.

But if you have any idea, improvement or suggestion, please say so, the questions will only follow on Friday. Use the comment box.Thank you.

Isto é sobre o quê? | What is this all about?

Entrevista em | Crowdsourcing | an interview – Spot Dave Cohn

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