Links 30-09-08

Once and for all – Jeff Jarvis BuzzMachine

Bloggers aren’t journalists. True and false. The Pew Internet & American Life survey says only a third of bloggers consider what they do journalism. But today any witness can perform an act of journalism, giving us more eyes on society – which journalists should celebrate.

People are rude on the internet. True. They’re rude in life, but perhaps more so online, thanks to anonymity. But we all know who the idiots are. The smart response is to ignore the stupid.

The internet has no ethics. True. It no more has a moral code than a telephone wire, a car, or a knife. We who use it bring the ethics and laws we live under already.

Opinion: The integrated newsroom business model doesn’t add up – Editor’s Weblog

There is an interesting article today on the Monday Note site today that examines the new newsroom business model. The author, Frederick Filloux, was part of the team behind 20 Minutes and spent 12 years at Liberation, ultimately becoming the Editor-In-Chief. He now works as editor for the Norwegian group Schibstead.

He puts together some insightful figures about the cost of a newsroom:

* Cost of a journalist (including benefits and expenses = €60,000
* Total cost of running a newsroom =  €10 million
* Per month costs = €830,000
* Average revenue per unique visitors per month appears = €0,10 to €0,25
* €830,000 costs requires 8.3 million Unique Visitors per month to break-even
* French 20 Minutes made €45m in 2007. Each reader generates €18 per year for the newspaper.
* Online site readers generate approximately €1,2 per year (if well-read site)

Newspapers: Vanishing faster than you think – Ryan Sholin, Invisible Inkling

These are the basics, the givens, of the post-industrial knowledge economy:

  1. There is no mass audience.
  2. There is no barrier to publication.
  3. The cost of operating legacy organizations increases indefinitely as profit decreases indefinitely.
  4. There is nothing cyclical about this change.

Trifecta for success in the new new journalism – Mindy McAdams

There’s more to this brave new world of journalism than technology skills.

Business sense will play a large role in the rest of your career, whether you are a journalism student or a seasoned veteran.

If journalism students graduate without an understanding of how editorial, business, and technology work together, “you have not prepared them for the world they are entering,” Mitch Gelman, senior vice president of CNN.com, told a group of journalism educators in Los Angeles on Friday.

Why ‘Friending’ Will Be Obsolete – Jeremiah Owyang

Every few days, (or hours) you probably get a friend request of some sort, the good news is, someday, this will not be relevant.

I just got finished watching this video of Renato of “E”, a device and software platform that allows you to phsyically gesture in the real world with people you meet that you are friends. Remember palm pilot back in 2001 that let you ‘beam’ contact info to each other? Similiar to that, but now with more ’social’ context.

Thinking forward a few years, “friending people” whether in Facebook, Plaxo, or will no longer be an activity that we’ll have to do. Intelligent websites (and their data) will be able to determine who our friends are from our behaviors, context, and preferences, without us verbally (or physically) having to indicate so.

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