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Os 10 mandamentos do Facebook | Facebook’s 10 commandments

5. Thou Shalt Not Join A Billion Groups

While it may very well be true that Dave Coulier shaves his balls, what more is there to say about it?

O Facebook pode ser uma rede social fantástica mas pode ser também demasiado irritante, com todas as aplicações e brincadeiras que traz.

Ross Wolinsky, do site fez uma lista bem humorada das 10 regras  fundamentais para a boa convivência no Facebook, mas que deve ser levada a sério. Acho eu.

Facebook can be a fantastic social network but it also can be  quite irritating, because of all the apps and possibilities it has.

Ross Wolinsky, from wrote down a humurous list of the 10 fundamental rules for good sociability in Facebook, but that should be taken seriously. I guess.

The rise of social media has made it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends, relatives and coworkers. With a few keystrokes you can reconnect with an old high school buddy, learn what your coworker’s favorite band is, or play Scrabble with a friend who lives on the other side of the globe.

But while increased connectivity is an undeniably good thing, you can just as easily use it to annoy the living hell out of everyone you know. This is the internet, after all, and if something on the internet can be used in an annoying way, you can safely assume that 99% of the population will proceed to do so (go try reading a comment on YouTube if you don’t believe me).

People need rules to tell them how to act. Luckily I went to the top of Mount Internet last night, and God handed me down these 10 Commandments of Facebook for all to obey. Follow them or you’ll go to hell.

The 10 Commandments of Facebook

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Ferramentas online para jornalistas | Online tools for journalists

Ferramentas do negócio | Tools of the trade

Que ferramentas online usam no vosso dia a dia como jornalistas? São suficientes e as mais eficientes? Permitem colaborações externas?  Podem ser usadas a partir de qualquer lado? E mais importante ainda: facilitam e melhoram o vosso trabalho?

Alfred Hermida criou uma lista para os seus alunos com as 31 melhores aplicações para jornalistas.

Which online  tools do you use in your daily work as journalists? Are they enough and the most efficient? Do they allow external collaborations? Can they be used from any computer? And most  important even: do they improve and make your work easier?

Alfred Hermida set up a list for his students with the 31 best apps for journalists.

As part of the iJournalism class I teach at the UBC j-school, I hold a session on online tools for journalists.

What is striking is how much these tools have developed in the past year.

Some fall by the wayside and new ones spring up, such as sites that mine social network sites for personal information.

31 essential online tools for journalists

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