Onde estão as histórias? | Where are the stories?

De acordo com este post, o negócio das notícias matou as histórias. Todos os dias somos alimentados com fast food informativa, que enche mas não satisfaz. A ideia é de Valeria Maltoni.

E para onde é que as histórias foram? Para os blogs e para as redes sociais. A ler.

According to this post, the business news killed stories. Everyday we are fed with informational fast food, that makes us feel full, but unsatisfied. This is a Valeria Maltoni thought.

And where did the stories went? Into blogs and social networks. A must read.

There are no stories in today’s top stories.

It’s all sound bites and lots of effect – punch lines, cutting here and there and everywhere, but rarely that crucial detail that will grab your attention for more than a few moments.

The most popular print news ends up being a Metro, or some similar thin collection of captions, titles, and photographs. The news business being in the business of getting the news published and circulated, killed the story – your stories.

This might be the top reason why print is dying. Editors deliver a product that is packaged as a self contained, portable medium readers can consume on the go. MacNews with cell phone conversations on the side. You will feel satisfied, but hardly nourished.

We are stitching together our own stories. With the help of new media, we add our own flavor to the news that matters to us. The additional dimensions come in many flavors – comments on blogs, feeds, online communities – more and more away the conversation happens from mainstream media sites.

The News Business Killed the Story

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