Uma perspectiva diferente | A different perspective

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Nas várias formas de se apresentarem dados sobre   determinados dados, o Perspctv.com traz-nos um formato interessante para seguir as tendências das eleições presidenciais americanas.

In the several ways to present data, the Perspctv.com website shows us an interesting format to follow the trends and stats of the american presidential elections.

Gráficos | Charts

Gráficos | Charts

Não só podemos seguir a evolução de algumas sondagens, como também assistir ao número de referências a John McCain e a Barack Obama nas notícias online, na blogosfera e ainda no Twitter. Tudo isto quase em tempo real.

Not only can we follow the evolution of some polls, but also watch the number of times John McCain and Barack Obama are referred in online news, in the blogosphere and also in Twitter. All of this almost in real time.

Mapa | Map

Mapa | Map

A importância dos dados geográficos está expressa também num mapa que engloba diferentes fontes. No Twitter o mapa é todo azul, o que indica que se calhar a Twitteresfera é predominantemente democrata.

O Perspctv.com é um bom exemplo como se podem reunir informação a partir de feeds e apresentá-la de uma forma interessante e actualizada. Para mais, é possível incorporá-la no nosso próprio website através de um widget.

Este tipo de mashups é algo que se torna cada vez mais comum e necessário, abrindo portas aos programadores-jornalistas para a criação de novas aplicações para vários temas que possam ser tratados quantitativamente.

Outro factor importante é a utilização de informação gerada por utilizadores, que dá uma visão mais abrangente e multipessoal sobre o assunto em causa.

The importance of geographical data is shown also in a map that incorporates different sources. On Twitter the map is all blue, which indicates that probably the Twittersphere is mainly democrat.

Perspctv.com is a great example how information can be gathered from feeds and present it in a very interesting and up to date way. Furthermore, you can embbed it in your own website through the widget made available.

This kind of mashups is something that is getting more and more common, opening doors to the programmers-journalists to create new tools for differente subjects that can be covered in a quantitative fashion.

Another important factor is the application  of user generated content, which provides a more broad and multipersonal view over the subject.


The idea of the site came from the interest and the observation of how the “internet” as it stands today can play a role in and shape an election. The internet is a dynamic conduit of information. It is the active voice of its constituents, which is ever-evolving. This constant flux of information is spectacular, but can also be quite daunting, so what I’ve done is try to simplify all this activity down to rudimentary charts and graphs. This simplification inherently may be erroneous in nature, though I believe the broad numbers tend to balance the errors out as there maybe negative pull in both directions. At the very least, the analysis of the data is compelling, particularly when visualized graphically.

An exploration of internet activity in reference to mainstream media. Gain a unique Perspctv on the US Presidential Elections.

This project presents different perspectives in our world, including that of Mainstream media and user-generated content on the Internet. Explore the similarities and the disparities, hear the many voices that have emerged and choose which view, if any, makes the most sense to you. What we think vs. what they say we think — All the chatter on the Internet, all the traditional news media coverage, and all the pollsters — Perspctv brings it all together in a simple and elegant manner — and gives a unique “dashboard” picture of the elections at any one given moment in time, totally un-biased.

descoberto | found via @PauloQuerido

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