NISIMASA: Workshop Jornalismo | Film Journalism Workshop

 From the 17th – 30th November 2008, NISI MASA will organise a NISIMAZINE film journalism workshop in collaboration with the IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

The workshop will involve an editorial team of young European journalists and photographers. 9 daily issues of NISIMAZINE will be published during the festival in English only.

The IDFA, which has been taking place in Amsterdam since 1988, is the biggest documentary festival in the world.

Interested in participating? See attachments below for the full project description and application form!

Nisimazine Amsterdam Application Form.docCall for participants_NMazineAmsterdam.pdf

O NISI MASA é uma rede europeia de associações de jovens de 19 países, dedicada ao cinema. Eles estão a colaborar com o IFDA-International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, onde irão desenvolver um workshop de “film journalism”.

Se tiverem entre 18 e 30 anos, podem inscrever-se até próximo dia 31 de Agosto, e habilitar-se a ser um dos sete escolhidos a ir a Amsterdão entre 17 e 30 de Novembro para este workshop.

Leiam tudo aqui.

NISI MASA is an europen network of youth associations from 19 countries, dedicated to cinema. They will organise a  film journalism workshop in collaboration with the IDFA – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

If you’re between 18 and 30 years old, you can sign in until the next August 31st, and be one of the seven chosen to be in Amsterdam from the 17th to th 30th November for this workshop.

Read all about it here

Application Guidelines
• The final application deadline for candidates is the 31st of August 2008.
• Candidates must be aged 18-30 and resident in a European (EU or non-EU) country.
• Filling in the application form is a prerequisite. Applicants should choose either to apply as ‘film journalist’ or ‘photographer’.
• Providing evidence of previous works (film reviews originally written in or translated into English, photographs, etc.) is compulsory.
• One passport-style photo is also required with each application (this is needed for your accreditation).
• By filling in the application form, candidates confirm their availability to attend the entire duration of the workshop.
• There will be a maximum of 7 European participants in the workshop, so there will be a careful selection! Please send your attentively completed application forms before the deadline.

Participation Rules

• Participants will arrive in Amsterdam on the 16th of November, departureis planned on the 1st (afternoon or evening) of December.
• If, for any reason, a participant is unable to attend the workshop, they musti nform the organisers immediately.
• As well as festival accreditations, accommodation and food will be provided for the duration of the workshop.
• As we are still in the process of seeking additional funding, the amount that participants will asked to contribute financially is yet to be confirmed. Either individuals will pay for their own travel costs, or alternatively they will be asked to pay a participation fee of 100 euros.
• Participants who are not listed members of a national NISI MASA association will certainly be asked to pay a separate registration fee of 30 euros.
• If possible, the participants will bring their own laptop and/or camera.

For further questions and comments please write to nisimazine-idfa@nisimasa.com

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