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Revistas grátis | Free Magazines

Mygazines is a place to browse, share, archive and customize unlimited magazine articles uploaded by you, the Mygazines community.

We at Mygazines take great pride in providing a platform for people and businesses to share their publications in an interactive and fun format.

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image4-thumb1 Free Magazines!! All You Can Read At Mygazines.

Via StartUpMeme

Um recurso interessante para quem não se importa de ler revistas no computador

An interesting resource for those who don’t mind reading magazines on screen

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Este post não é sobre videos de sexo grátis Perdidos do Cristiano Ronaldo no iPhone | This post is not about Cristiano Ronaldo Lost free sex videos in iPhone


Escrever para a web implica usar algumas regras diferentes do que para o papel. Tanto a organização conceptual como gráfica da informação têm que ser feitas de forma diferente, recorrendo a links para dados externos complementares, abrindo espaços entre ideias para uma leitura mais fácil, simplificando a corrente de ideias mas mantendo todo o seu potencial informativo para o leitor.

Mas outros valores se impõem na captura de público para os sites informativos. O SEO tem influência para dar mais ou menos visitas a um dado artigo. Utilizando as palavras certas podemos exponenciar o número de leituras de um determinado artigo, e assim as empresas podem reclamar junto dos anunciantes uma audiência inflacionada, graças à utilização de termos de grande procura no Google mas que não estão relacionados com o conteúdo do artigo.

Charlie Brooker explica isto muito bem neste texto, e o assunto acaba por ter relevância já que a utilização de imagens e certas expressões nas capas dos jornais sempre condicionou a nossa atenção e interesse na hora da compra, mas na web os mecanismos de busca  tornam a notoriedade e a relevância de certos textos  num resultado artificial. A utilização do social bookmarking para a credibilização de conteúdos ajuda a separar o trigo do joio mas muitas vezes nem sempre os melhores conteúdos chegam à maioria dos utilizadores.

A questão ética que se levanta é se deverá um jornalista utilizar elementos com alto valor de SEO para compôr o título e as primeiras frases de um artigo. Eu acho que é tudo uma questão de bom senso, já que quando nos enganam na web, normalmente não voltamos aos sítios. Por isso, a todos que vieram cá parar por causa de videos de sexo grátis Perdidos do Cristiano Ronaldo no iPhone, as minhas desculpas. Mais uma vez, não tratem os vossos leitores como idiotas. As consequências são imediatas.

Writing for the web implies using a different set of rules than for print. Both the conceptual and graphic organization of the information has to be done in a rather different way, using links for external complementary data, making space between ideas for easier reading, simplifying the stream of ideas while keeping all of it’s informational potential for the reader.

But other values rise when it comes to capturing the audience for news websites. SEO has a great influence to bring more or less visits to a given article. Using the right words we can increase the number of readings of a certain article, and then the news companies can claim to the advertisers an inflated audience, thanks to the use of popular Google keywords, but that aren’t even closely related to the article’s content.

Charlie Brooker explains this situation quite well and this issue becomes of most relevance if we think that the presence of certain images and words in the frontpages has always conditioned our attention and interest in the moment of buying a newspaper, but on the web the search mechanisms made the relevance and visibility of some texts something totally artificial. The use of social bookmarking to credibilize content helps to separate the good from the bad, but often the best contents don’t reach the majority of the users.

The ethical question raised here is should a journalist use highly valued SEO contents to compose the title and the first paragraph of an article? I believe it’s all a matter of common sense, since when we get fooled by a website we never go back there again.

So, to all of you who ended up here because of Cristiano Ronaldo Lost free sex videos in iPhone, my sincere apologies. Once again, do not treat your readers like idiots. The backlash will be immediate.

And wait, it gets worse. These phrases don’t just get lobbed in willy-nilly. No. A lot of care and attention goes into their placement. Apparently the average reader quickly scans each page in an “F-pattern”: reading along the top first, then glancing halfway along the line below, before skimming their eye downward along the left-hand side. If there’s nothing of interest within that golden “F” zone, he or she will quickly clear off elsewhere.

Which means your modern journalist is expected not only to shoehorn all manner of hot phraseology into their copy, but to try and position it all in precisely the right place. That’s an alarming quantity of unnecessary shit to hold in your head while trying to write a piece about the unions. Sorry, SEXUAL unions. Mainly, though, it’s just plain undignified: turning the journalist into the equivalent of a reality TV wannabe who turns up to the auditions in a gaudy fluorescent thong in a desperate bid to be noticed.

Online POKER marketing could spell the NAKED end of VIAGRA journalism as we LOHAN know it

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