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Porque é que nos preocupamos? | Why do we care?

Porque é o nosso ganha-pão. Não acham estranho que tanta gente, desde académicos, estudantes, desempregados, profissionais, discuta tanto algo que lhes escapa completamente do controle? Alguma vez viram um blog de um administrador de jornal a falar de uma forma positiva sobre o futuro dos jornais (positiva no sentido de estar a procurar soluções)? Se sim, mandem o link. Todos nós sabemos que a evolução dos média é essencial para a nossa sobrevivência. Mas não é só isso. Tem a ver com o equilíbrio social, tem a ver com a preservação cultural, tem a ver com olhar o mundo da forma mais clara possível como comunidade, como indivíduo, como cidadão. Por isso é que nos preocupamos.

Mark Hamilton neste post mais longo do que lhe é habitual (obrigado Mark) demonstra que uma reinvenção é necessária, mas que não está a acontecer à velocidade desejada. As notícias são pessimistas, mas são muitos que procuram as soluções: o Mark (que é professor e sabe quais são as suas responsabilidades), o Ryan Sholin, Paul Bradshaw, eu, e toda a gente de quem eu falo neste blog. Estamos fartos de queixinhas, queremos soluções. Porque nos preocupamos.

Because it’s our living. Don’t you think it’s odd that so many people , from academics, students, unemployed, professionals, discuss so much something that is out of their hands? Have you ever read a blog from a newspaper administrator talking in a positive way about the future of newspapers (positive in a way that it is looking for solutions) ? If you did, send me the link. We all know that media evolution is essential to our survival. But it is only about that. It has to do with social balance, it has to do with cultural preservation, it has to do with looking at the world in the clearest possible way as a community, an individual, as citizens. That’s why we care.

Mark Hamilton in this longer than usual post (thanks Mark) shows the need for a reinvention, but that is not happening at the desired rate. The news are pessimistic, but there are many out there that are looking to solve this: Mark (who is a teacher and understands his responsibilities) , Ryan Sholin, Paul Bradshaw, me, and everyone else that i talk about or make reference in this blog. We’re tired of whiners, we want solutions. Because we care.

I’m always wary of anyone who points with any certain to the future of media. And I have no greater insight into this mess, and the ways out of it, than anyone else. But there are some things that I feel relatively certain about, at least at the moment. (My conclusions are, as always, subject to change.)

Here’s what I’m thinking: driven by a recession that has accelerated its decline, the metro daily will be forced into a new, as yet unknown, form that will redefine newspapers not only in the U.S. but in Canada and, likely, other countries.

We’re only halfway through the year, and those tracking such things in the U.S. put the number of journalists who have been laid-off or bought out at over 6,000. We’ve seen a number of newspapers slash sections, cap the number of pages, increase ad-to-editorial ratios. The American recession is, in large part, driving this bus, but it slid behind the wheel at a time when the public’s changing habits, the disruption of the internet and other factors had already started to snip through the brake linings.

When I was the editor of a smallish newspaper, I went through a recession or two. The strategy was straight-forward: hang on, cut what costs you could — and some that you really couldn’t — and then rebuild when things improved. But by the time this current crisis (and that’s not too strong a word) plays out, I can’t see the rebuilding happening to any great degree.

Watching the reinvention, Mark Hamilton

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