A Segunda Vida no Google | Google’s Second Life

Eu prefiro a vida real, mas é necessário falar disto: o Google juntou-se à caravana dos mundos virtuais com o Lively , que é a resposta da empresa ao Second Life. Podendo correr a partir de um browser e sem exigir tanto da máquina, este novo mundo pode ter grande sucesso entre os menos literados digitalmente. Ainda em fase beta, o potencial de crescimento do Lively é enorme. Vale a pena dar uma vista de olhos.

I prefer real life, but we have to talk about this: Google joined the virtual world bandwagon with Lively, which is pretty much the company’s answer to Second Life. Being able to run from a web browser and without asking too much from the machinery, this brave new world may turn out to be a great success among the digitally impaired. Still in beta stage, the growth potencial of Lively is huge. It’s worth taking a look.

Lively image
Company: Google
Website: lively.com
Launch Date: July 8, 2008

Lively is a browser based virtual world add-on that lets users create and customize avatars and worlds, as well as interact with other users. Learn More

Second Life image
Company: Linden Research
Website: Secondlife.com
Launch Date: June 30, 2003

Second Life makes possible many things we can only imagine, yet want to see played out: A jet powered dragon dancing on a French Nude Beach for example! To begin making the imaginary real, users begin by choosing an avatar and going through a short… Learn More

Via TechCrunch

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