Estagiários de Jornalismo, isto é para vocês | Journalism trainees, this is for you

Eu como estou numa de mudar de vida, ando a ver se melhoro o meu currículo, o site, o portfolio, porque num mercado de trabalho tão competitivo e em tão más condições, qualquer forma de se fazer o nosso bom trabalho notado tem que ser posta à consideração. Sobre isso hei-de escrever mais tarde.

Mas para quem ainda está a meio ou a acabar o curso, e vai experimentar pela primeira vez a vida de redacção, aqui ficam alguns conselhos fundamentais, vindos directamente do 10.000Words.

E se quiserem ter noção do que poderá ser o anúncio comum para o jornalista do futuro, vejam este post do Alfred Hermida. Competências básicas subentendidas.

Since i’m really at changing my life, i’m working on how i can change my resume, my website, the portfolio, because in a increasingly competitive job market, and one in such poor conditions, any way to make our good work noticed has to be considered. I’ll be writing about this soon.

But for those who are still taking their course, or that have already finished it, and are going to experience the newsroom life for the first time, here’s some fundamental advice from 10.000Words.

And if you want to have an idea of how will the common asking for journalists ad of the future be, read this post by Alfred Hermida. Basic skills inferred.

How to make the most of your journalism internship

Make yourself indispensable

The most important tip of all: You are more likely to be hired after your internship if your supervisor finds they can’t live without you. Make your unique skills known, assert yourself as a go-getter and find the one-of-a-kind stories that no other reporter even thought to cover. You are often one in a long succession of interns, so you must stand out from the rest to succeed in this business.

10.000 words

Job description for the 21st century journalist?

The ad reads:

This new position is for a multidisciplined and flexible multimedia journalist who can generate and execute multimedia ideas. Ideal candidates will be able to hit the ground running and juggle all types of content and content mediums on deadline assignments. One day you’ll be shooting breaking news photos and transmitting live from the scene, the next day creating a Soundslide feature on a local music festival, the next day shooting video of a political rally for the presidential election.

What is more revealing is the skills labeled as mandatory:

  • iMovie or Final Cut Pro
  • Audacity (or other multi-track audio editing programs)
  • Soundslides
  • Photo, video and audio content gathering and editing skills
  • FTP and remote transmission skills
  • Ability to turn high-quality projects quickly
  • Ability to write cleanly and create engaging, informative blog entries, captions, web teases and headlines


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