A redacção transparente | The transparent newsroom

O Spokesman-Review já foi referido por aqui algumas vezes como um bom exemplo de para os jornais modernos. Desta vez trago-vos um video que mostra a sua filosofia de “redacção aberta”, e como lidam com isso. E ouçam bem o que eles dizem.

I already talked about The Spokesman-Review more than once as a good example for modern newspapers. This time i’m bringing you a video that shows their “open newsroom” philosophy, and how they deal with that. And really listen to what they say.

The Spokesman-Review is a transparent newsroom.What i mean by that is that we are a newsroom that’s open to our community, our doors are open, our processes are open, our decision making is open. And the transparent newsroom is a response to something i used to call “fortress newsroom”, that is a newsroom in which our journalists associated only with other journalists, where objectivity was defined by separation, by distance from community, where we really didn’t worry too much about the consequences of the work that we performed. Transparent Newsroom is the opposite of that. We invite public, we invite citizens into the newsroom and into our conversations, and even to our decision making process. Our goal is very simple: we think we can help improve our credibility in the community by involving citizens interactively. And the internet has provided this vast array of tools that we have never had available to us before to achieve this.

Steven Smith, editor Spokesman-Review

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