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Velhos do Restelo | Old timers

If you want to understand why the newspaper industry is doomed, read the comments of Sun-Times Media Group CEO Cyrus Freidheim from a Columbia College panel this week. The press is “nowhere near as robust or strong a watchdog as it has been…The free press really is the newsroom. It is not technology. It’s really the newsroom.”

Freidheim’s comments reflect the kind of insularity that will only hasten newspapers’ collapse. Across the U.S., too many editors and executives are convinced that there is only one kind of “true” journalism, and that it involves a newsroom, editors, reporters, slot men and a copy desk. Any model that doesn’t conform to this rigid and traditional view isn’t genuine and so should be dismissed. They are blind to the prospect that any other form of journalism could deliver value, much less improve upon the current model.

As Old-Timers Curse the Darkness, Others Innovate

Há dois tipos de burros: os que não sabem, e os que não querem saber. Quem já tentou mudar alguma coisa nas redacções e ouviu coisas parecidas, por favor, deixem comentário.

There are two types of fools: those who don’t know,and those who don’t care to know. If you ever tried to change your newsroom and heard similar things against it, please share them with us.

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BBC: 81 anos online | 81 years online

A BBC vai disponibilizar online 81 anos de programação de rádio e televisão. Cada episódio terá uma página própria com dados informativos, e será uma verdadeira rentabilização de um dos arquivos mais ricos do mundo.

BBC announced that is going to make available online 81 years of radio and television shows. Each episode will have it’s own page with information regarding the show, and this project will take advantage of one of the richest archives in the world.

Spanning 81 years of radio and television, the project will create a web page for every episode of every single programme ever broadcast on the BBC, and be the basis of a future plan to introduce a searchable vault of archived shows.

It will bring information on every BBC programme ever shown, with clips, links and, eventually, whole programmes available either via the seven-day catch up service iPlayer, or commercial online video featuring Kangaroo, an on-demand service being developed with ITV and Channel 4, or a new online archive.

Playback plan for 81 years of BBC favourites, The Guardian

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Como evoluir para 2.0 | How to evolve to 2.0

Este slideshow mostra o esforço que é necessário para fazer um upgrade a uma empresa para 2.0. O mais curioso é que parece que as maiores dificuldades não são estruturais, mas apenas pessoais. Este artigo da ReadWriteWeb explica como se define uma empresa 2.0:

This slideshow shows the effort needed to upgrade a company into 2.0. The funny thing is that it seems that the major difficulties in developing aren’t structural, only personal. This ReadWriteWeb article explains how a 2.0 company is defined:

Most enterprise software sucks. That is my considered opinion from 30 years in the software biz. Words that come to mind are: bloated, inflexible and user hostile. The good news is that it is getting better, a lot better. The driver for change is what I call the consumerization of enterprise software.

Where Are We In The Enterprise 2.0 Wave?

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