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Alix. Tous doigts réservés.

Nem sempre é possível falar de todas as coisas que me despertam a atenção, por isso desta vez vou apenas sugerir uns links que merecem ser partilhados. Desde interactividade numa folha de jornal a fotografias de concertos, a lista de assuntos é variada, em posts escritos em inglês, português e francês. Divirtam-se.

It is not always possible to write about all the things that catch my eye, so this time i’ll just suggest some links i believe that must be shared. From interactivity in a newspaper sheet to rock concerts pictures, the subject list is varied, in english, portuguese and french written posts. Have fun.

Semantic Search: The Myth and Reality

For a few years now people have been talking about semantic search. Any technology that stands a chance to dethrone Google is of great interest to all of us, particularly one that takes advantage of long-awaited and much-hyped semantic technologies. But no matter how much progress has been made, most of us are still underwhelmed by the results. In head-to-head comparisons with Google, the results have not come out much different. What are we doing wrong?



Pushing the needle forward

Pushing the needle forward means not asking “what have we done in the past,” but instead asking, “what can we do in the future?” How can we innovate?

How can we make something better? Pushing the needle forward means realizing that your last project will never be your best project, because you’ll always be trying to make things better.

The Journalism Iconoclast


Os “mojos” estão a crescer

Já toda a gente percebeu que o futuro é móvel. O problema é que este futuro chega cada vez mais cedo e tem agora por hábito nem sequer bater à porta das redacções. Nos EUA, uma tendência ganha peso: os jornais contratam cada vez mais “mojos” (contracção de mobile journalists).

(…) Há um diário que está mesmo a pensar em tornar todos os seus repórteres e fotojornalistas “mojos” ainda este ano. Um “mojo” passa a maior parte do tempo no exterior, gravando, filmando, escrevendo. Alguns não chegam sequer a passar pelas suas redacções.

Travessias Digitais


More or bore ? L’interactivité de thelondonpaper

Hier, dans thelondonpaper, un des gratuits de Murdoch, un édito écrit par une lectrice. En dessous, le journal appelle les lecteurs à voter par SMS, more or bore ?

More et l’éditorialiste amateur continue. Bore et l’on passe au suivant.

Window on the Media


On the nightstand: Books on Multimedia and Journalism

I have a stack of books on my nightstand just waiting to be read, including Tanner Stranksy’s Find Your Inner Ugly Betty: 25 Career Lessons for Young Professionals Inspired by TV Shows and Not In My Family: AIDS in the African American Community, edited by Gil L. Robertson IV. But not surprisingly most of the books to be read are about journalism and/or new media. Here are the books I plan to read as soon as I find time to crack them open.



Who Owns All These Comments? You? Us? Someone Else?

Hank Williams relates a story about one of Robert Scoble’s comments on FriendFeed being deleted after the author of the blog post he was commenting one removed his FriendFeed account. While the cynical response might be, “So one of the ten million comments Scoble leaves each day was delete — he’ll live,” it does bring up a valid point about content ownership. The blog owner was upset that his the discussion around his content was taking place outside of his blog, while Scoble was upset that content he created (and thus should own — right?) was removed without his permission. On an increasingly fragmented social web, who owns your comments?



No user-generated content please, we’re Rush

Go to a gig today and there’ll be dozens of people shooting photos or video on mobile phones or small point and shoot cameras. I am usually one of these people and have never had any trouble. (…) I was happily enjoying watching these virtuoso musicians play live and taking some snapshots on a small Canon point and shoot camera.So imagine my surprise when one of the ushers came up to me and told me to stop. “There is a strict no cameras policy”, I was told.

I was shocked and somewhat taken aback. It is the first time this has happened to me, and I go to see bands all the time. What was more surprising was that many others were doing exactly the same thing, but using cell phones.



How BBC blogs are engaging with audiences

In a section on accountability, the Trust explores how the BBC’s commitment to “to forge a new relationship with licence fee payers” online and suggests that “recent developments, such as the development of BBC editors and management blogs, mean that the BBC may be able to fulfil this commitment much better in the future”.

What is startling is how the audiences for the BBC’s blogs have grown, with the Trust noting that “usage of the blogs now outstrips usage of the BBC’s corporate site and the Have Your Say message boards. In fact, usage of Have your Say message boards has been fairly static between 2006 and 2007″.



Editing’s a drag

I’m not saying editing is bad. But as news becomes a process rather than a product, editing can affect that process. Note the lead story from the NY Times home page right now:

Picture 16

The edited, packaged story says that one person died in yet another crane collapse in New York today. But right below that, the lightning fast Sewell Chan has later, more up-to-date and correct information in his blog — two have died — which the Times wisely feeds directly onto the home page, contradicting their own edited story. In a breaking story, a blog in the hands of a good reporter beats a long line of editors.


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