O Twitter é o primeiro esboço | Twitter is the first draft

  1. A Google map of the earthquake location
  2. A BBC blog post about Twitter coverage of the earthquake
  3. A Twitter user’s tweet about experiencing the earthquake (in Shanghai)
  4. A Google translation from Chinese to English of tweets from Twitterlocal
  5. The Earthquake Center’s page on the earthquake
  6. CNN’s report
  7. A picture which appears to be capturing the earthquake in an office
  8. A Summize search for ‘earthquake’
ontem |tweetburner top10 links| yesterday

O Twitter voltou ontem a demonstrar as suas capacidades como ferramenta de comunicação adequada a breaking news. O terremoto da China foi do outro lado do mundo, logo de manhã e, no entanto, a torrente de informação desde os primeiros minutos a partir do local através da Internet e o volume de buscas de informação relacionadas foi considerável. Paul Bradshaw analisa o terremoto no Twitter num post em constante actualização, e Matthew Ingram faz uma pergunta muito boa: será o Twitter o primeiro rascunho da História? (via Mark Hamilton, vejam as suas restantes sugestões)

Twitter has shown again yesterday it’s abilities as a communication tool suitable for breaking news. China’s earthquake was on the other side of the globe, first thing in the morning and, however, the flow of information from the very first minute from the scene and the volume of related searches was huge. Paul Bradshaw analyzes the earthquake on Twitter in a constantly updated post, and Matthew Ingram asks a very good question: is twitter the first draft of history?

(via Mark Hamilton,, check the rest of his suggested links)

Here is crowdsourcing without the editorial management. How quickly otherwise would a journalist have thought of using Twitterlocal with a Google translation? And how soon before someone improves it so it only pulls tweets with the word ‘earthquake’, or more specific to the region affected? (It also emphasises the need for newspapers and broadcasters to have programmers on the team who could do this quickly)

How quickly would a journalist have found someone who speaks English and was affected by the quake? Or an image? (Of course, this needs verifying, but sourcing has already begun)

The Chinese earthquake and Twitter – crowdsourcing without managers, Paul Bradshaw

Like many others, I woke up this morning to Twitter messages about a disaster in China: a magnitude 7.8 (at last report) earthquake in the southwest, with thousands of people either dead or injured. Much like the forest fires in California last fall and other recent news events, Twitter became one of the main sources of on-the-ground reporting — even before CNN started picking up what was happening, and with more personal detail. During such times, Twitter seems like a crowd-sourced reporting tool, much like what NowPublic.com has created but with cellphones and 140 character messages as the medium.

In any disaster, one of the first things that people look for — not just journalists, but readers too — is the eyewitness account, the first-person description, the man on the scene. Whenever something like the earthquake happens, thousands of editors and producers at newspapers, radio programs and TV networks clog the phones trying to reach someone, anyone, who can provide a personal account: they call homes, schools, stores, friends, distant relatives. What was it like? Where were you when it happened? What happened next?

Twitter: The first draft of history?, Matthew Ingram

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