Pagar mais pelos melhores | Pay more for the best

Eu não acredito que muita gente em Portugal (e no resto do mundo) pense assim…

I don’t believe that there’s many people in Portugal (or anywhere else) thinking like this…

Hartigan said that for much of his 43-year career most journalists were generalists, “sweeping over any subject with a light dusting of curiosity and a nice turn of phrase.” But he warned that those days were numbered. Journalism needed more specialists, he argued – “more people who can provide compelling insights to what’s going on” because quality was “taking on greater meaning, not less.”

Competition for talent also was intensifying, Hartingan said. As a result, he said, “We will need to pay more and offer better opportunities to attract – and retain – the best people.” In other words, quality content was the key. In a world of information overload, audiences return to brands they can trust that synthesize information and make it easy to absorb. That deep skill requires highly skilled and educated journalists. The obvious place to find specialists is at universities and think tanks.

da | from Convergence Newsletter

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2 Responses to “Pagar mais pelos melhores | Pay more for the best”

  1. 10 de Maio de 2008 às 12:44 pm

    Alexandre, também acho que poucos jormnalistas pensam assim, infelizmente. E pela amostra que temos, NENHUMA das pessoas que comanda os nosso meios pensa assim, e isso é que torna o momento mais dramático. Os meios portugueses definham na razão directa da falta de capacidade de quem os dirige.

  2. 12 de Maio de 2008 às 6:57 am

    @ Paulo – A oferta de emprego que existe chega a ser caricata, para não dizer ridícula. É deixá-los entregues à autofagia,e esperar que a selecção natural entre em acção. Mas depois não digam que ninguém os avisou.

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